Keppel to Increase Plant Efficiency in Singapore with First in South East Asia Investment in GE’s GT26 HE Upgrade

July 22, 2021

•GE’s GT26 High Efficiency (HE) solutionincreases performance of the GT26 platform through advanced technologies fromGE’s H-Class, F-Class and Additive Manufacturing

•Keppel Merlimau Cogen’s (KMC) unit will be the first GT26 HE upgrade inSingapore and in South East Asia, aiming to improve efficiency and achieve fuelsavings that will lead to abate up to approximately 100,000,000 kilowatt-hourequivalent of carbon emissions each year


Continuing to keep its gas turbine fleetcompetitive in Singapore’s energy marketplace, Keppel Infrastructure todayannounced the award of a upgrade contract to GE’s Gas Power business tomodernize KMC’s existing GT26 unit at the combined cycle power plant in JurongIsland, Singapore. With GE’s technology breakthroughs across every majorcomponent of this frame – turbine, compressor and combustor – the GT26 HEupgrade, the most advanced upgrade available for the GT26, can providesignificant improvements for an F-class combined cycle gas turbine. The upgradewill increase the unit’s efficiency, extend maintenance intervals, and abate upto approximately 100,000,000 kilowatt-hour equivalent of carbon emissions eachyear in line with the government’s goals to lower Singapore’s carbon footprint.


“We selected GE’s GT26 HE solution because ofits excellent part load efficiency and its fuel-flexible combustion system, themost advanced solution ever introduced on a GT26 gas turbine”, said Cindy Lim,Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Infrastructure. “With this innovative upgrade,our power station will benefit from improved efficiency with a lower carbonfootprint, in line with the Keppel Group’s Vision 2030 sustainability goals.”


“We are proud to be building on the strengthof our long-standing relationship with Keppel to provide the first HE upgradein Singapore. GE and Keppel worked to identify upgrade solutions that could bedeployed to increase the output, efficiency, flexibility, lifespan, andavailability of its gas turbines, while reducing fuel consumption andenvironmental impact” said Ramesh Singaram, President and CEO of Asia, GE GasPower. “Upgrading existing power plants—with life extension and efficiencyprograms like the GT26HE—ensure we are using existing assets to help providemore efficient, reliable power today and tomorrow. Keppel chose GE’s advancedtechnology to take a first mover advantage to blend the major F-class andH-class technologies in the Singapore marketplace and help KMC to maintain itsposition as a leader and future competitiveness.”

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