Radiall’s struggle with material selection is a thing of the past thanks to Ansys Granta

July 23, 2021

They are perhaps an unknown name, but the chances are that high-tech company Radiall’s technology is used in many of the devices you use in everyday life. Radiall produces complex optical and electrical connectors which must meet the demands of the harshest of service conditions. One of the biggest challenges the company faces is in the selection of the right materials for each application given that there are different requirements for each individual case (mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical resistance performance).


With no clear formula in the process of material selection, each engineer used their own methods and had an independent material database, with their own file formats (predominantly Excel). The interrogation of material properties and associated information was conducted over email with internal experts and materials suppliers. There was little consistency.

One of Radiall’s core organisation values is to simplify life for its innovators, achieved by streamlining manufacturing, being accessible and easy to work with and delivering leading-edge solutions which, with minimal implementation, drive performance. Given this, it was clear to Radiall that a solution was required to address the challenges encountered by the inefficient selection of materials.

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