Rockwell Automation Announces the Next Platinum Partner to its OEM Partner Program, Stolle Machinery

July 30, 2021

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced the next company to be designated as a Platinum OEM Partner in the newly evolved global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner Program : Stolle Machinery. Stolle Machinery is the world’s leading manufacturer of machinery for the production of beverage cans and easy-open ends. Known for their productivity and reliability, Stolle machines can be found in can plants around the world.

In late 2020, Rockwell Automation evolved its OEM Partner Program globally, establishing levels of participation based on need and output. As a Platinum OEM Partner, Stolle Machinery takes advantage of a true partnership approach with Rockwell Automation with executive-level engagements and alignment with strategic growth opportunities along with various services for digital transformation.

“Rockwell Automation is pleased to welcome Stolle Machinery as a Platinum OEM Partner to our growing OEM Partner Program,” said Johannes zu Eltz, Vice President of Global Market Access. “Not only does this Platinum designation help Rockwell Automation partner with Stolle on initiatives, it also adds diversity to our stable of partners, delivering unrivalled co-marketing opportunities, coordinated market planning with our sales force, and improved customer engagement with co-managed objectives.”

As the enhanced offering now provides increased market access opportunities, simplification, and standardized product alignment for manufacturers, enabling participants to fully leverage Rockwell Automation technology, the company expects more platinum level partners, as well as a number of gold, silver and bronze, to join the program, making it a world-class opportunity for original equipment manufacturers.

“Stolle is excited to partner with Rockwell Automation, specifically because of its deep knowledge in the food and beverage industry,” said Michael Larson, Chief Operations Officer for Stolle. “With a long history of innovation, we’ll partner with Rockwell Automation to develop new machinery and technology to make production faster and more efficient for our customers.”

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