Steel handlebars by TRW: Significantly broader coverage of motorbike models due to new national type approval

March 1, 2022
  • With changes to National Type Approval governing motorbikes, 80 percent more models can be equipped with aftermarket handlebars
  • Ergonomics, handling, appearance, weight and quality - the conversion to a TRW handlebar is worthwhile in many respects.

Replacing the standard handlebar with one, designed to suit the rider’s requirements, can significantly improve the seating position and driving behaviour. In addition, adapting the vehicle to meet personal preferences increases riding enjoyment. Thanks to National Type Approval changes, riders of 300 additional motorbike models by well-known manufacturers like Ducati, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki or Suzuki can now reap the benefits of using TRW handlebars.

National Type Approval is a wide ranging internationally accepted term referring to product quality. Within the aftermarket, this translates as an aftermarket part which performs to the same standard as OE; providing the end user with proof of quality. When it comes to motorbikes, its origins lie within the German document: Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis (ABE) which confirms a part fits a specific model. In Germany, this certificate is issued by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority; and in other countries by its equivalent. Recent changes to the ABE allow aftermarket motorbike parts which meet the stringent requirements to be fitted to many more models.

Motorbikes are equipped as standard with generic handlebars. This means they are not optimally suited to every rider. Body size, the proportions between leg and arm length, the preferred seating position, different riding styles and many other very individual characteristics cannot be combined in a generic handlebar. TRW’s range of handlebar types and heights mean personal adjustments can be made, improving rider comfort and experience.

Rider handling can also be noticeably positively influenced by changing the handlebars:

  • A higher/stronger cranked handlebar enables a more upright seating position, which can relieve strain on long distances and thus promotes a more ergonomically pleasant and comfortable ride. Such a conversion is suitable for touring, sport-touring, off-road, travel, chopper, pleasure riders, tall riders and many others.
  • A low/only slightly cranked handlebar shifts the rider's upper body forward and increases the front wheel load. This reduces the risk of the bike lifting off when accelerating hard, and the feeling for the road becomes more intense. Sporty, active riders like to choose such flatter handlebars.
  • Wider handlebars literally give the rider a longer lever to initiate steering movements. This makes heavy machines more manageable and can increase riding enjoyment and safety. The riding position can also be made more casual.

TRW branded steel handlebars are made of a high-quality, special steel alloy that guarantees optimum safety and the best driving characteristics. A triple surface coating ensures long-lasting corrosion protection and a beautiful appearance, which allows the vehicle to be upgraded and individualised in terms of colour.

The TRW handlebar range also offers different clamp diameters, shapes for different areas of use, colours and surfaces (smooth, sandblasted). And for certain manufacturers, bespoke additions. For example, for Harley-Davidson models, TRW offers versions with cable notches and holes.

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