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Industrial Guide Asia spinning across the whole Asia, part of Middle East, Europe and United States since 2002, serving the Industrial Community with search Directory.
We have since transform to a story telling magazine, and to cover a wide spectrums of industrial topics just like how our directory is, the magazine has 6 publishing a year covering various topics from factory automation, manufacturing, power and green energy,plastic and packaging, metalworking, heavy machinery, oil and gas, marine and shipbuilding, i4.0, precision engineering, additive manufacturing and so many more.

Each issue will feature different key topics and discussion. Directory searching can be done online at iiga.shop
Iiga.shop also enable readers to do searching, buying and selling at the same time. Industrial products vary from different tier and level of pricing, our subscribers will also stay a step ahead securing enquiries from the users because the free feature of receiving enquiry is there to stay.

Iiga.news together with the Digitalmagazine will have a daily and bimonthly publishing of all interesting news and technology in the market. Do not miss the 22mins where we will have interview with the Industrial top-notch experts. Industrial Guide Asia News digital magazine comes with a special feature of Read and Watch at the same time. Never a dull moment reading a magazine again.

You may also notice the clean and shiny layout of this new site, just so you know, we have created
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That means, we have completely cut out the developing part and go directly to implementation
We believe this is the sustainable way for us to manage a great site, and just anybody in our team can do it without any Coding knowledge. If you would like to find out more how we can help you to integrate your site using the technology of No-Code from Webflow, get in touch with us now!

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