2021 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition

09/09/2021 - 11/09/2021

The '2021 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition', which will be held in Gyeongju, a thousand-year-old ancient city, for three days from September 9, has started counting down.

‘2021 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition’ is the only exhibition specializing in cultural properties and museums in Korea, hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Gyeongju City, and hosted by the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Gyeongju Hwabaek Convention Center (hereafter referred to as HIKO).

The event is largely divided into the Cultural Heritage Utilization Hall and the Cultural Heritage Industry Hall. Exhibited items are:

▲Conservation of cultural properties such as materials, equipment, medicines, facilities, and conservation science.

▲Disaster prevention of cultural properties such as security/crime prevention, fire/extinguishing, and seismic isolation systems.

▲Repair and restoration of cultural properties such as maintenance agency, landscaping and reproduction.

▲Policy promotion, education and experience Use of cultural assets such as , flea markets, excavation (remains, relics, etc.), archaeology, etc. Buried cultural assets such as 3D printing/scanning, immersive contents, digital restoration, etc.

The characteristics of this event are: First, the grafting of cultural assets with cutting-edge technology, and second, the expansion of opportunities to enjoy cultural assets through cultural goods products.

First, Dexter Studios, who was in charge of the CG production and investment in the movie <Mogadishu>, which gained great popularity both at home and abroad amid the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to participate in the International Cultural Heritage Exhibition and drew attention.

In addition, the Cultural Heritage Disaster Prevention Research Center of Jeonju National University has an IoT technology-based constant monitoring and emergency response system that can transmit and report real-time status through internal sensors, and a 'cultural asset safety fence' that enables monitoring and monitoring of cultural assets using drones without the need for separate maintenance personnel. Unmanned Drone Station.

Wifco, a 3D scanning company, provides opportunity to experience how the digital data of cultural assets post-processed through 3D monitors and holograms are converted into content and displayed. Using digital twin and artificial intelligence technology, the company plans to introduce 3D application software technology for digital rubbing for buried cultural assets.

As a cultural asset that embodies Korean beauty, Shellang Korea exhibits a variety of mother-of-pearl products so that anyone can feel the Korean sensibility in their daily life. Among many products, the Silla Gold Crown Mother-of-pearl sticker depicts the golden crown, a cultural asset representing the millennium kingdom of Silla, with golden mother-of-pearl and blue mother-of-pearl that sparkles like gold. ‘Dalban’, a wireless charger for mother-of-pearl, combines the design and charging function of the mother-of-pearl of the millennium, which preserves the original form of the traditional gujokban and captures the night and starlight at Cheomseongdae.

In addition, Daewon Mobile Rack, Land and Housing Museum, Korea Archaeological and Environment Research Institute, Dongwha Special Industry Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) Traditional Renaissance Support Group, hi-tech, subtle, and many other top-tier institutions related to cultural properties such as Daewon Mobile Rack, Land and Housing Museum, Korea Institute of Archeology and Environment, Dongwha Special Industries, etc. Finished and waiting for the start.

An official from HIKO said, “The International Cultural Heritage Exhibition is a place where people can enjoy harmonizing with the general public based on the industrial achievements achieved by cultural heritage experts and expand the network of people, technology, and experiences in this field. We will do our best to make the event a success.”

Meanwhile, in preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyko established a three-step entry system including ▲pass-through body sterilizer, fever check, and thermal imaging camera, operates a non-face-to-face registration system, and conducts special quarantine every day during the event. We will do our best to ensure that the event is held safely by strictly following the guidelines.

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