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03/03/2022 - 05/03/2022

Invitation To Visit Best Fair Auto Parts-The 18th Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning &Equipment Exhibition 2022


The18th Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning & Equipment Exhibition2022 ( also known as “Best Fair Auto Parts”) is an annual event whichheld in Guangzhou, is hosted by Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co. Ltd., a leading professional exhibition organizer in China established in 2001.


Shows include:

The18th Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Exhibition

The18th Guangzhou International Auto Radiator & Equipment Exhibition

Guangzhou International Automobile Motor Electric Control & Testing Equipment Exhibition

Guangzhou International Automobile Air Purification System & Equipment Exhibition



Dates:March3-5, 2022      


Exhibit Categories:

1.Car air-conditioning products & accessories

2.Production equipment and materials for automotive air conditioners

3.Commercial vehicle air conditioning systems and accessories

4.Automotive thermal management system and accessories

5.Frozen and refrigerated transportation equipment and materials

6.Car cooling system

7.Vehicle motor electric control and vehicle testing equipment

8.Car air purification system


We organizer team remain committed to building a platform that features" radiator, car motor electronic control and testing equipment, and car air purification system and equipment" with "automotive air conditioning" as the core, with an integrated exhibition marketing service.

Looking forward to meeting with our visitors both from China and abroad in our exhibition.


Concurrent Events:

3rd March   10:00-12:00

BRI International Automotive Parts Industry Development Summit Forum  2022

3rd March   13:30-17:00

The 12th Technological Innovation in New Energy Vehicle Thermal System  Forum 2022

4th March   10:00-12:00

Guangzhou International Core Components Technology in New Energy  Vehicle-- New Innovation in EIC system 2022

4th March  14:30-16:00  

Guangzhou International Marketing Strategies in Automotive Parts  Supply Chain Salon and Award Ceremony for Outstanding Service Providers in  the Automotive Aftermarket 2022



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