CHINAPLAS 2022 (The 35th International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber Industries)

25/5/2022 - 14/6/2022

CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022: InnovativePlastics & Rubber Technology Connects the World”, a new form of online gathering for plastics and rubber industries, is going to be held on 25May – 14 Jun, 2022. This 3-week event shall converge plastics and rubberindustries to facilitate business exchanges and cooperation between suppliersand global buyers during the prime trade season in the 2nd quarter of the year.

How to connect with high-qualityresources under the pandemic? “Despite the travel restriction, communicationscannot be blocked. After confirming the postponement of CHINAPLAS, we swiftlystarted the preparation of the Virtual Show in a short period of time, to keepon facilitating the exchange of innovative technologies and businesscooperation between the upstream and downstream of plastics and rubber industriesthis year. With 4,000+ high-quality plastics and rubber suppliers, as well asthe resources and markets we built up in nearly 40 years, together with manysupportive partners we made, we are dedicated to organize this Virtual Showwith our passion as always.,” said Ms. Ada Leung, General Manager of AdsaleExhibition Services Ltd., organizer of CHINAPLAS.

The Virtual Show consists of 4 parts: highlights of the innovative plastics and rubber technology of the year, CPS+ eMarketplace, HotTech Webinars, and Business e-Match. The 4 in 1 Virtual Show shall bring youthe latest market trends, cutting-edge technologies and market information forthe industry, allowing exhibitors and visitors to explore unlimited local and overseas resources withouttime and geographical limitations.

Innovation of the Year and World Debut technologies

CHINAPLAS has beenone of the best platforms for the plastics and rubber industries to showcaseinnovative technologies. CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022 will highlight the latesttechnological breakthroughs as well as thousands of the hottest technologiesfor different markets. Technologies will be introduced in various forms such asvideos, pictures and texts, providing users with the most intuitive and fastestinformation acquisition channel. During the Virtual Show, digital productionsolutions, lightweight materials and processes, green and low-carbontechnology, high-barrier, food-grade, single-material, degradable, bio-basedand other functional films, as well as spray-free, low-odor materials andprocesses, will be showcased to help enterprises unlock the "password"to innovation.


CPS+ eMarketplace: has complete functions to meet variousprocurement and supply needs

The CPS+eMarketplace currently has more than 4,000 global plastics and rubbertechnology suppliers settled in, and over 5,000 products in display. Accordingto the user satisfaction survey, its operation convenience, functionalcompleteness, extensive database and other important indicators are unique forindustry users looking for global plastics and rubber solutions. The CPS+eMarketplace has also specially released a series of new functions, includingreal-time chatting, weekly thematic showcase, popular keywords for conductingsearch, etc., to improve interaction and facilitate trade cooperation betweenbuyers and suppliers.

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Hot Tech Webinars: unveil the latest industry trends by40+ speakers

To assist users toovercome technical bottlenecks in business expansion, a series of Hot TechWebinars will be held during the virtual exhibition. They include theElectronics Industry Carbon Neutral Experience Sharing Forum, Green Innovationand Application Forum for Plastic Logistics Packaging, etc. These events aretailored for users from different industries including automobiles, packaging,electronics and electrical appliances, medical and healthcare, agriculture,etc. Experts in dual-carbon economy and recycling, industry4.0, 3D printing, industrial design, nanotechnology, life sciences and other fieldswill be invited to share their views and answer questions from users. 40+ speakersfrom Huawei, Sony, Engel, Aurora, Meituan, Liby, Changan Auto, DeltaElectronics, Johnson & Johnson Medical, etc., shall sharetheir insights with the industry.

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High-quality buyers from around the world joining 70+ sessions of Business e-Match

CHINAPLAS keepssparing no effort on buyer promotion around the world. In the past few months,we have published more than 850 advertisements in over 125 social media andindustry media channels, covering more than 30 countries in 14 languages, andsearch engine marketing covering Baidu, Google and Naver, pushing more than1,500 articles and over 200 videos through social media and websites. Theexpectations of professional audiences on CHINAPLAS 2002 virtual exhibitionkeep increasing.

Business e-Matchfacilitates the matching between overseas buyers and suppliers by invitation.With precise screening, the chance of successful matching for both parties willbe further enhanced. During the virtual show, we are going to organize 70sessions of Business e-Match.



“The holdingof CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022 shows our determination to overcome differentchallenges together with the industry. By leveraging on the advantages of ‘fast,wide coverage, and no geographical restrictions’ of online promotion, CHINAPLASVirtual Show 2022 supports business promotion and further extends market reachfor both suppliers and buyers. Look forward to seeing you all online,” Ms. Leungadded.


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