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Food & Hotel Indonesia, a Virtual Exhibition

Jakarta, 9 September 2021 - Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) returns on 21–24 September 2021 with a new format: a virtual exhibition (VirtualHub). This marks the first time the FHI is done virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the online exhibition or VirtualHub, business players and consumers can still attend this long-awaited event despite the pandemic.

With a track record of more than 28 years, this biennial event by PT Pamerindo Indonesia bears the vision of strengthening Indonesia’s hospitality and food & beverages (F&B) industry in the global market. The FHI’s presence in the past few years has become a platform that connects and gathers the business people and consumers of the hotel hospitality and F&B industry from all around the world.

To this date, more than 50 companies or exhibitors have joined the FHI VirtualHub 2021. The FHI offers various essential categories in the hotel and F&B industry: food & beverages, specialty coffee & tea, foodservice & hospitality equipment, hospitality design & supplies, hospitality technology, wine-spirit & alcoholic drinks, and bakery, pastry, & gelato.

Juanita Soerakoesoemah, FHI VirtualHub 2021 Event Director, stated that the FHI VirtualHub 2021 would offer new experiences, opportunities, and profit for consumers and business people in the hotel and F&B industry. She believes that the event can be a solution amid the large-scale mobility restriction currently applied in Indonesia. She stated, “VirtualHub is a business networking platform that directly and efficiently connects exhibitors and consumers or trade buyers during the pandemic.”

Furthermore, the FHI VirtualHub 2021 offers the Virtual Business Matching Programme facility, a feature with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that presents accurate recommendations based on each visitor’s data and interest analysis; thus, it can recommend the required exhibitor.

Through the Virtual Business Matching Programme, the registered visitors can provide their preferences to find the exhibitors they need. Then, after being confirmed by the system and agreeing to a meeting, the visitor can have a one-on-one video call or send private messages. “Both the buyer and exhibitor can start their business relationship via video call and private messages with the prospective business partner, similar to an offline exhibition,” added Juanita Soerakoesoemah.

Beyond being an online business meeting, the FHI VirtualHub 2021 also offers the Hospitality, F&B Hub Week program as a comprehensive platform for this industry’s business players in interacting and sharing ideas, trends, and information about the hotel and F&B business. Among the participants, there are the Association of Indonesia Speciality Tea (AISTea), the Swiss Education Group, the Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA), the Indonesia Sommelier Association (ISA), the Association of Culinary Professionals (ACP), the Indonesia Packaging Federation (IPF), and the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI).

FHI VirtualHub 2021, supported by Saladplate Indonesia, also provides a digital showroom, a digital product catalog feature that is accessible 24/7. This feature is the doorway for business owners, retail players, and professionals to search more than 150 products, technologies, and services in the hotel and F&B industry. This feature can also bring opportunities for local businesses to expand their product market globally or look for new business partners.

The FHI VirtualHub 2021 also presents Saladplate Indonesia, a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace specifically for hotel and F&B products. This web-based platform can be a breakthrough for local suppliers to exhibit their products and reach potential buyers from a wider global market. Saladplate Indonesia provides various product categories, such as food & beverages, dining utensils, restaurant equipment, single-use products, and industrial services.

To register as a visitor or exhibitor, please access the FHI VirtualHub 2021 website through this link:

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Marketing Communication Manager

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