Mr. Steven Liu Guo Liang

Kaori Kitamura
July 21, 2021

Mr. Steven Liu Guo Liang - Chairman and Founder of Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment

He began working in the construction machinery industry as a product development engineer 30 years ago. Steven relished researching industry-leading technology and products when he joined the construction machinery sector, and was responsible for multiple R&D plans for tackling specific issues.

As a professional expert, he recognized the prospects for MEWPs in China when he first saw a MEWP advertisement. This realization prompted Steven and his wife Susan (Hong Xia)Xu to set up their own company to produce MEWPs. Their first MEWP was produced in2007, and the couple named their own company as Sinoboom the following year.

Susan Xu, General Manager and founder of Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment, has over 20 years’ experience in the construction machinery industry, covering areas including technology and management, overseas market development and more. She and Steven Liu founded Sinoboom on February 28th, 2008.

1. What methods do you use to comply with industry regulations during Pandemic?

In China, Sinoboom closely followed local community regulations for social distancing and proper PPE requirements, and made arrangements for the safe and systematic return of employees to work step by step.

To help the wider industry, we sourced and donated PPE to customers in China’s access sector to help them safely back to work, as well as participating in the construction of shelter hospitals.

Sinoboom also donated PPE to partners and customers overseas to help them stay safe.

2. Walk me through the latest trend in the petrochemical and heavy machinery industries during this time?

Sinoboom’s booms are popular in the petrochemical industry, especially the larger models with over 25 meters’ platform height. I believe the intelligent operation, coupled with high-efficiency functions, will find further favor in various industries, along with other customized functions.

Sinoboom MEWPs(Mobile Elevating Work Platform)are also popular in shipyards and ports for cargo ship maintenance. Sinoboom customized and launched an optimized telescopic boom model specifically for shipyard work, with high resistance to rust, wind and waves. To reduce working time, this boom range features our HV function, which allows one-click vertical/horizontal reciprocating movement, to dramatically reduce shipyard operators’ workload.

Sinoboom will launch MEWPs especially customized for extreme working conditions, especially for cargo ship management. These platforms will enhance the automated and intelligent operation functions, innovatively reducing the operator’s workload.

3. What are the most helpful technological platforms and tools Sinoboom have used for the petrochemical field?

The largest articulated boom in the world was produced by Sinoboom; with a working height reaching 48 meters, it has been designed with an extremely stable base for super high operation. Sinoboom designed this boom with wheels on the outriggers which can be extended or stowed;when extended, the four wheels are the ideal working width, and when stowed the perfect width for flatbed truck transportation. This model also features a real-time dynamic stability optimization and prediction system, ensuring that the equipment has the best stability status at all times. This model, GTBZ46J is ideally use in the construction of petrochemical.

4. What are the newest technology that been used in the company now? And what are the obstacles that the company faces due to it?

At Sinoboom we have introduced IoT-based technology to the product range, providing telematics information including equipment status and operating information, service requirements, machine locators, operating data analysis and more. In terms of challenges this technology presents, our focus is to harness advances in digital technology to ensure convenient management tools to maximize the effectiveness of the equipment.

5. Today, marketis demanding environmentally friendly equipment, is there any planning towards more environmental sustainability during this time?

Yes, we have accelerated the development and launch of electric and hybrid models, compared to traditional diesel models. Several of these models have been launched since the beginning of 2021.

Additionally, we have researched and developed lightweight scissors which nevertheless have the strength for heavy load capability. This is to reduce metal resources waste and to save energy during the manufacturing process, as well as lighter machines offering operational and transportation advantages.

6. Is there more demand for used machinery during this time and for which industry?

Yes, we have observed a boost to used equipment sales in 2020 globally, which includes both scissors and booms across multiple industries. The used equipment sector has clear economic and sustainability factors in facilitating the re-use of existing machines.

Sinoboom has a reconditioning subsidiary, Xiaoban, and a used equipment business subsidiary based in Singapore.

7. Which continents and sectors has the most growth in terms of sales for your company?

So many. For example, our global expansion plan has seen us establish subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore since the end of 2019, with all successfully growing the business in these key regions despite the effects of the global pandemic.

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