2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition

15/09/2022- 18/09/2022

2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition, record the highest early application rate ever

- In the aftermath of COVID-19,institutions and companies related to cultural properties are participating oneafter another

- Under the theme of ‘Everyone’s cultural assets, K-Heritage in the world!’

- Share the latest technologies and trends in the cultural heritage industry

- The largest business hub in the field of cultural properties and museums in Korea

‘HERITAGE KOREA 2022’,Korea’s largest cultural heritage exhibition, will be held at Gyeongju Hwabaek Convention Center (HICO, hereinafter referred to as HICO) in South Korea for 3days from September 15 Thursday.

This exhibition, held under the theme of ‘Cultural Heritage for Everyone, K-Heritage in the World!’, reached 30%increase in the number of exhibitors compared to the previous year, and recorded the highest early application rate ever.

The '2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition' hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration,Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Gyeongju City, the National Institute of Cultural Heritage, and HIKO, includes companies in cultural heritage preservation, cultural heritage safety, and digital heritage participate as a business hub in the cultural heritage and museum sector.

The Cultural Heritage Records Preservation Research Institute (HDAC) will demonstrate the use of drone lidar and MMS(Mobile Mapping System) technology as well as the construction of prototype data for cultural properties such as architecture, burial, and small relics through 3D scanning at the '2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition'. .

In addition, various types of interactive content using original records will be produced and exhibits that can be confirmed as digital twins using them will be presented.

HSTORY, a historical content company that competes with solid storytelling based on Korea's cultural heritage and the ideas of its members, is planning to introduce various programs to visitors to learn about the joy of learning history at this exhibition.

Techniques to more efficiently manage the repair information of traditional buildings by digitizing them will also be introduced.

The Traditional Building Repair Technology Promotion Foundation, which has been comprehensively and systematically carrying out projects related to the promotion of traditional building repair technology, plans to introduce the integrated repair history management (BIM)(Building Information Modeling).

BIM is a technology that digitally creates an accurate virtual model of one or more buildings.

Gail Traditional Pigment Co., Ltd. introduces traditional pigments applied to the site of preservation and repair of traditional dancheong and colored cultural assets. This company supplies 350types of traditional pigments and is leading the localization of the colored cultural heritage material industry.

In addition, Clean Bio Co., Ltd. will participate in this exhibition to display an air purifying sterilizer to improve the atmosphere and environment after the outbreak of COVID-19. YounginAT, a company specializing in the sales and service of advanced analysis and measurement equipment, plans to introduce various analysis and measurementsolutions. Intercoex Co., Ltd. will introduce EoC transmission equipment and PoE repeater.

During the 2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition, various programs will be held, including conferences, cultural heritage job fairs, export consultations for overseas buyers, market pioneering consultations with domestic buyers, exhibitions and awards ceremony for the winners of the cultural heritage idea contest.

A HICO official said, “The 2022International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition is expected to attract more visitors than the last time. In particular, we are working hard to help companies related to cultural assets and museums establish networks between buyers and experts and lead to practical business outcomes.”

He continued, “As the theme of this year’s exhibition was ‘Cultural Heritage for Everyone, K-Heritage in the World!’, we are preparing closely so that both participating companies and field visitors can grasp the latest trends in the cultural heritage field at a glance and enjoy various experience events. We will do it,” he added.

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