Andrew Yeo

Kaori Kitamura
April 4, 2024

1. Could you please provide information regarding the primary target markets for Phaos products, as well as your strategies for venturing into new markets?

Our products cater to a diverse range of industries, including semi-conductors, Biomedical and Life Science, and Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials, as well as to various government agencies. In total, we believe there may be thousands of entities around the world that may be potential customers for these products. As for venturing into new markets, one of our key strategies involves exploring opportunities both regionally and globally, with a phased approach. We prioritize understanding the needs and requirements of potential partners in these markets, as it enables us to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific challenges. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that add value to our partners and customers.

2. What role do innovation and technological development play in the growth of Phaos Technology?

Innovation and technological development are integral to the growth of Phaos Technology. We believe that every significant advancement originates from a simple idea. This, in fact, was how our technology originated, Back in 2010, our founders developed an idea for an optical microscope technology that could see beyond the optical limit of 200 nanometers – two hundred billionths of a meter – something that had never seemed possible. Today, thanks to funding from the Singapore government, and after many years of research and collaboration with some of the finest minds in the world, Phaos has achieved this objective, and is the only company in the world to have done so. This, in turn, gives us the potential to possibly replace far more expensive instruments, such as electron scanning microscopes, in numerous industries and capitalize on hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunity.

3. Could you share some insights into the strategic direction of Phaos Technology in the next few years?

In the forthcoming years, Phaos Technology strategically aligns its growth trajectory with four phases. Phase 1 centers on expanding our presence in the Asia-Pacific region, targeting key markets in semi-conductors, Biomedical and Life Science, and Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials. Following this, Phase 2 will shift our focus to North America, aiming to establish a foothold in dynamic sectors and solidify our reputation as a leading provider of advanced microscopy solutions. Phase 3 will see us extending into Europe and the Middle East, capitalizing on the region's demand for medical advancements and precision manufacturing solutions. Finally, Phase 4 entails global expansion into new markets, ensuring adaptability to evolving market dynamics and establishing a comprehensive global footprint. Throughout these phases, our commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships remains unwavering as we endeavor to maintain our leadership position in the industry.

4. What are some emerging trends or technologies in the field of advanced microscopy that Phaos Technology is monitoring or exploring?

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, Phaos Technology remains vigilant in monitoring and exploring emerging trends and technologies in advanced microscopy. We are committed to harnessing these innovations to enhance our systems. One such technology we are actively exploring is deep learning analysis. Another trend in microscopy is the use of AI in the identification of structural abnormalities – a need that is particularly acute in the medical and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, there are growing concerns of data security, which accelerates the need for blockchain. We therefore intend to integrate both AI and blockchain into our customer software solutions going forward.

5. How does Phaos Technology foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the organization?

At Phaos Technology, our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture. Guided by our vision, mission, and values, we are driven by passion to enhance and innovate, aiming to provide solutions that positively impact both our stakeholders and the wider community.

6. How do you foresee the role of advanced microscopy evolving in various industries, and how is Phaos Technology positioned to capitalize on these changes?

We anticipate advanced microscopy playing an increasingly vital role across various industries, driving innovation and advancements in research, manufacturing, and healthcare. At Phaos Technology, we are well-positioned to capitalize on these changes. With our patented optical microscope technology, allowing us to see beyond 200nm. -- and even up to and beyond 137nm and our deep commitment to innovation and expertise in advanced microscopy solutions, we are equipped to lead in this evolving landscape. Through collaborative partnerships, continuous R&D efforts, and a customer-centric approach, we aim to remain at the forefront of shaping the future of advanced microscopy across industries.

According to industry statistics, the super-resolution microscopy market -- that is, the market for all microscopes able to see smaller than 200 nm. -- is currently worth more than USD$7 billion and projected to grow at around 10% per annum, putting it at nearly $14 billion by 2030.  So again, we believe there is tremendous opportunity for growth in our market sector.

7. How does Phaos Technology ensure the reliability and accuracy of its microscopy products, considering the critical nature of their applications?

At Phaos Technology, we place utmost importance on the reliability and accuracy of our microscopy products, recognizing the critical nature of their applications. Our approach to ensuring these qualities involves a multifaceted strategy rooted in rigorous testing and quality assurance measures. This includes leveraging our patented technology, which, as mentioned,  enables us to view beyond 137nm, providing a unique advantage in the industry.

Moreover, our commitment to excellence extends beyond product development. We maintain constant customer service contact points, ensuring ongoing support and assistance to our customers. This proactive approach not only enhances the reliability and accuracy of our products but also fosters long-term partnerships with our clients.

Furthermore, our dedicated team of experts actively solicits and evaluates customer feedback, collaborates closely with industry partners, and implements continuous improvements to our products. This iterative process ensures that our microscopy solutions consistently meet the highest standards of performance and precision, instilling confidence in our customers and stakeholders alike.

8. How does Phaos Technology address cybersecurity concerns related to its advanced microscopy solutions, especially in sensitive applications like medical research?

At Phaos Technology, we acknowledge and take seriously the importance of addressing cybersecurity concerns, particularly in sensitive applications such as medical research. While our current advanced microscopy solutions operate standalone, we are proactive in anticipating future advancements. As we move forward with deep learning technology and cloud-based computing, we prioritize the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures. These measures are designed to safeguard any data processed on the cloud, ensuring the utmost protection and confidentiality. Our commitment to cybersecurity aligns with our dedication to providing reliable and secure solutions that meet the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness in the industry.

9. What measures does Phaos Technology take to ensure its products comply with industry standards and regulations, particularly in different international markets?

Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, especially in diverse international markets, is a top priority. We understand the importance of meeting stringent quality control requirements to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers worldwide. As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we have obtained ISO certifications and continuously strive to enhance our ISO standards. These certifications serve as a framework for our quality management system, enabling us to implement rigorous quality control checks throughout the production process. Additionally, we remain vigilant in staying abreast of evolving industry standards and regulations, actively seeking feedback from regulatory authorities and industry experts to ensure our products consistently meet or exceed these requirements. Our dedication to quality and compliance reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality solutions to our customers across the globe.

10. How does Phaos Technology envision the integration of virtual reality or augmented reality technologies into its microscopy solutions in the future?

It is a relatively interesting concept, but at this juncture the technology may not be mature enough for such applications, but we are open for any technology that could aid us in improvement to our products.

11. Can you discuss any exciting research projects or future developments that Phaos Technology is currently working on in the realm of microscopy technology?

Collaborations and partnerships, as well as ongoing research and development, are integral components of our operations at Phaos Technology. We are privileged to work closely with our esteemed partners on innovative projects centered around deep learning and data analysis. We are also looking into providing services in the certification and calibration market. These services are  needed by many users of high performance instruments to ensure that their machines are operating correctly. We are in fact already in partnership with a local company that is providing such services, and we are working together with them on cross selling our solutions.

12. Lastly, what do you see as the long-term vision for Phaos Technology in terms of its contributions to advancing the field of microscopy and scientific research as a whole?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancement, there exists a dynamic interconnection among various components. We aspire to cultivate further collaborations with partners to advance the field of microscopy and contribute to scientific research endeavors. Most importantly, however,  our vision is to make advanced optical microscopy solutions available that can potentially replace the use of far more expensive microscopy modalities. This process, we believe, can contribute to tremendous progress in many industries and scientific endeavours around the world for many years to come.
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