Yaamuna Aldragen

Kaori Kitamura
April 18, 2024

Introducing Yaamuna: A Certified Business and Leadership Expert with a Global Reach across Germany, Europe, and Asia

Meet Yaamuna, a seasoned professional with a diverse array of certifications that attest to her expertise in business and leadership. From coaching accreditation with IPEC, recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), to project management certifications from PMBOK and PMI Munich, Yaamuna brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.With a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering (Hons) and ongoing legal studies in LLB, she combines technical proficiency with legal acumen. Her certifications in quality management, including Six Sigma Greenbelt and Certified Internal Auditor, demonstrate her commitment to excellence in every aspect of her work.Yaamuna's proficiency extends beyond technical competencies to include language fluency, presentation skills, team building, and effective communication strategies. With a dedication to continuous professional development, Yaamuna is a trusted advisor and mentor, empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals with confidence. She is bringing a German pavilion to the Industrial Roadshow in Cikarang, Indonesia, which will take place on July 18-19 at the Jababeka Convention Center. Don't miss out on the Industrial Roadshow Cikarang, Indonesia. Seize the chance to meet her and get a free one-hour consultation on conducting business in Germany. Schedule your appointment now at to avoid missing out.

1. Can you tell us about the genesis of Yaamuna  Aldragen Coaching and Consultancy (YACC) and the driving force behind its establishment?

YACC was set up in 2019 with the intention of bringing European and and Asian business connections closer, in a structured manner. European companies were looking to expand their reach to Asia and find it dificult to get in touch with the right partner from them. Similarly we help Asian business to connect to their potential clients, and offer to set up European Sales Offices. YACC help to connect them after extensive due deligence program with all parties

2. Could you share some success stories or case studies where YACC has significantly contributed to the growth and expansion of a company?

We have helped MNCs and SMEs in Europe to expand into SEA, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Korea. In the sourcing activities, we are constantly engaged with our partners to open up a new business venture in Europe.

3. What specific strategies do you employ to ensure effective market entry for your clients, particularly in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, technology, and health?

All our consultants comes from technical background, either as engineer or scientist. We leverage on our technical expertise to provide better, and possibly more accurate business development potential for our clients.

4. How does your team ensure seamless communication and understanding across different languages and cultures during business engagements?

All our team members can speak at least 3 languages minimum. In overall we speak, read and write in more than 9 languages that helps to navigate day to day tasks and major milestones. (German, English, Spanish,Dutch, Malay, Indonesian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil) We also engage with our business partners to support us in other languages, such as Korean and Japanese.

5. In what ways do you assist companies in exploring new business segments and diversifying their portfolios?

we start with one on one consultation, due deligence check, and continous meetings and infomation exchange during all stages of the assignments. We also ensure an honest feedback loop to serve our client better.

6. What benefits can companies expect when utilizing YACC's services for overseas representation, particularly in Europe and South East Asia?

Companies can utilise our expertise in engineering, investment and business developement knowledge to their benefit. We provide strategic management, organisation change management, interim leadership management as well as sales representation services for our clients. This additional services compliments well with the Business Development and Investment goals of our clients

7. Could you provide insights into your recruitment advisory services and how they help companies navigate international hiring processes?

We work closely together with local talent sourcing partners in home countries to support us with hiring and upskilling. For example, we work hand in hand with our Asian Partner, SG Expert Pro in recrutiment and hiring initiatives

8. How does YACC assist companies in sourcing suppliers globally to meet their specific needs?

We develop our own inhouse check list to manage client expectations in new supplier introduction, that covers capabilities, technical standards, specific ethical requirements, suply chain requirement and many more.

9. Can you walk us through the types of project-based consulting services you offer, particularly in manufacturing improvement and business development?

Our projects are very niche and customer centric, they are no two projects that have the same requirements and end results. Some examples of project based consulting : International Stratagy Management, Organisation Vision and Mision Alignement, high level management alignment, marketing collateral, technology transfer projects, technical equipment and parts sourcing, new business development (by country or sector) and so on. More details can be obtained from our website.

10. What are some of the primary motivations behind factories seeking to establish their presence in Europe, and what benefits do they hope to gain from such a strategic move?

Depending on the vision of the stakeholder, the motivation varies from company expansion to new sector exploration. Only the sky is the limit.

11. Could you elaborate on some of the common challenges and obstacles that factories encounter when setting up their European offices?

Finding the right partner to set up an EU office is important, every company requires different need and all of this must be taken into consideration. Going with general approach may not be suitable for your company need, and in the end more time, money and effort wasted in the process.

12. In your experience, what are the key factors that contribute to the difficulty factories face in navigating the European market and establishing a successful operation?

One of the Key factor : Management goal and company's capabilites must be aligned. Companies also must be ready to upgrade their services to cater for the EU market need.

13. How does YACC specifically address the challenges and complexities that factories encounter when expanding into Europe?

We are focused on ensuring that our client's need is managed and taken care of individually. We work together with our client and resolve matters effieciently for them.

14. Can you share any success stories or examples where YACC has successfully guided factories through the process of establishing their European presence despite the challenges involved?

We are unable to share due to NDA and Government Projects. Our customers ranging from government investment and trade offices, NGO, MNC and SME as well.

15. What are some proactive measures that factories can take with the assistance of YACC to overcome regulatory hurdles and cultural differences when expanding into the European market?

Proactively perform fact finding in all expects of business. YACC can also assist here and provide advisory. This step is crucial for companies to decide on the potential expansion and resources planning.

16. What is the current opportunity in Europe, particularly in Germany, for Southeast Asian manufacturers or companies that want to expand throughout Europe?

We are actively sourcing for manufacturers in technical industries for various sectors. For companies that complies to minimum requirement of ISO9001 and additionally ISO140001, we look forward to get connected with you and discuss further. For opening up a sales office in EU, we can provide more details based on individual needs

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