Application variety and embellishment.

September 14, 2022

The Versafire EV delivers high quality and offers the possibility of reliable production of CMYK standard jobs, as well as the embellishment with the seven special toners: White, Varnish, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Invisible Red, Gold and Silver.

Metallic toners open up the opportunity for luxurious designs and additional applications. It is possible to print individual elements in gold or silver, include the color in an image or mix it with CMYK to create special color effects.

The white toner gives the user even more possibilities to print on different substrates such as metallized, colored or transparent media. It is possible to first print white first and then the process colors CMYK on top. When printing on colored paper and foils extraordinary effects can be realized - all in one pass.

The automatic inline calibration and inline register provide a high degree of stability, precision and improved quality. Inline color measurement and automatic calibration take place ahead of the printing process and ensure constant color stability across the entire run. Top image quality is achieved thanks to the new resolution of 4,800 × 2,400 dpi.

The Versafire EV has an increased printing speed of 85 or 95 A4 pages per minute and processes grammages of up to 360 gsm, ensuring a high level of productivity. Furthermore, the system is able to print banners up to a length of 700 mm (duplex) and as much as 1,260 mm (simplex).

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