Arduino Nano boards get With Headers prototyping option

August 3, 2022

The ‘with headers’ option is also available, note, for the RP2040 Connect, the Nano Every and the Nano 33 BLE.

The idea is to support Nano board-based projects with secure connections using the screw terminals and the ability to add some extra components via the (8×9 through-hole) prototyping area (see right).

The total thickness of the adapter, including the Nano board, is less than 15mm.

“Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Adapter is a quick, secure and solderless solution for your next Nano project,” writes Arduino. “Easily connect external connections to the screw terminals and use the onboard prototyping area to evaluate ideas and solutions. Easily switch between the various Nano family boards without soldering, while leaving the rest of your project intact.”

A three boards pack of the Nano Screw terminal costs €29.98 from the Arduino store, which makes it €10 a pop. That doesn’t include the Nano itself, of course.

Alternative sources can be seen at the foot of the article, via the EW-Compare listing (the SKU is ASX00037-3P). And you can see the adapter in 3D, sans Nano, below:

Seen in the image below is a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor, connected to a Nano RP2040 Connect board, placed inside a water tight enclosure (for outdoor use).

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