Bringing AI to Infinity with Cervoz Industrial DDR5 5600

January 26, 2024

Unrivaled Speed, Enhanced Capacity and Performance.

The modern industrial landscape hinges on effectively handling vast amounts of data to fuel AI-driven processes. However, the surge in data poses significant challenges for processing and analysis. To tap into the true power of ever-growing data, Cervoz presents the industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM Modules (DIMMs, SO-DIMMs)- engineered to remove performance bottlenecks holding back core applications.

Unrivaled Speed and Capacity

Achieving an impressive speed of 5600 MT/s along with a maximized capacity of 48GB, Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM Modules surpass the widely used DDR4-3200 by over 50%. While DDR4 remains essential for various applications, Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM Modules break through barriers to enable more advanced use cases. The enhanced bandwidth seamlessly handles intensive simultaneous workloads, such as AI, machine learning, real-time analytics, high-capacity storage, and beyond. For instance, the impressive speeds of DDR5 empower intelligent surveillance systems to swiftly recognize and analyze images, facilitating the simultaneous identification of numerous objects.

Smarter Power Savings and Signal Stability

Industrial applications demand flawless data integrity along with extreme memory endurance. To assure resilience for such workloads, Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600 implemented reliability enhancements like on-die ECC (Error Correction Code) which continuously monitors and fixes errors at the memory IC level without performance hits.  While faster, denser modules typically require more power, an onboard PMIC (Power Management IC) minimizes power consumption. This, along with support for low-voltage DDR5 memory ICs, provides up to 8% more energy efficiency over prevailing DDR4 designs.

By implementing both reliability enhancements and power optimizations, Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM Modules ensure the delivery of industrial-grade resilience while improving energy efficiency.

Target Applications

Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM Modules turbocharge surveillance infrastructure, precision medicine, smart transportation, data centers, and other innovative industrial applications. Radically accelerate your capabilities with game-changing speeds, smart power savings, and maximized capacity.

Cervoz Industrial DDR5 5600 Series

Cervoz offers industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM modules in both standard (0°C~85°C) and wide (-40°C~85°C) temperature ranges, suitable for extreme edge applications. Modules include DIMMs, SO-DIMMs, ECC DIMMs, and ECC SO-DIMMs, providing flexibility to match diverse application requirements.

The Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600 Series includes:

▪  Standard Temperature Series (0°C to 85°C)
▪  Wide Temperature Series (-40°C to 85°C)
▪   With ECC

▪  Standard Temperature Series (0°C to 85°C)
▪  Wide Temperature Series (-40°C to 85°C)
▪  With ECC

Cervoz has engineered a next-generation, blazing-fast DDR5 memory solution purposed for peak data center and embedded system performance.
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