C1 Enables Organizations to Unlock New Possibilities for Efficiency and Innovation Through Automation with GenAI

March 21, 2024

C1, the global technology solution provider elevating connected human experiences, today announced the launch of C1 Elly™, a groundbreaking vendor-agnostic, GenAI-powered assistant that enables organizations to take advantage of all data across all of a company's applications, including voice and digital data that has historically been siloed in CRM, ERP, and ITSM systems. C1 Elly monitors the quality and accuracy of person-to-technology interactions in real time using its exclusive Human Experience Quality Index (HXQi) to ensure an ever-increasing level of answer quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Businesses and governments of all sizes and across all industries are reporting they are struggling to effectively deliver AI-based capabilities that deliver business value. Reasons include integration complexity, data quality challenges, and skill and resource limitations. This led C1's Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence to develop C1 Elly, which enables customers to successfully take advantage of the power of GenAI to launch automation initiatives across the organization. This includes finance, marketing and sales, HR, IT and contact center, streamlining operations, reducing overhead, and significantly improving service delivery.

"AI is the most disruptive technology since the birth of the Internet. It promises to change how we interact with data and applications, bringing productivity to new heights. The challenge for users is that each application vendor has its own flavor of AI, creating silos of experiences and insights. If this trend continues, workers will be buried under the weight of AI assistants obviating any benefit derived from it," said Zeus Kerravala, CEO of ZK Research. "C1 Elly is the first cross-platform AI tool that creates a single experience that spans all of a business's applications and data. This brings the benefits of AI without the complexity created by forcing workers to use multiple systems."

"Since deploying C1 Elly, we've achieved authentication rates up to 80% and IVA containment rates for the payment app reaching 76% so far in 2024," said Bethany Cross, AVP, Customer Success, Wellabe. "These results demonstrate and validate what's possible. Working with the C1 team has ensured we're able to realize the potential of those possibilities."

Unlocking new possibilities for efficiency and innovation through automation

C1 Elly, the latest innovation in the C1 portfolio of products that drive value for our customers by creating connected human experiences, is a managed service delivered by the C1 Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. This expert team partners with organizations and their IT teams to provide a solid data foundation, industry-leading design services, careful implementation, and ongoing tuning, training, and maintenance.

C1's experience and work with customers has identified that AI implementations are successful only when all the following are accomplished:

  • Potential business value has been clearly identified.
  • Integrations with data and into workflows are frictionless.
  • Using and maintaining the solution is simple and easy.
  • The AI handles gritty tasks, so workers can focus on high-value activities.

Based on this learning, the C1 approach includes:

  • Data Setup and Management: C1 simplifies the data preparation process by organizing and uploading information for seamless integration.
  • Model Development, Training: C1 tailors C1 Elly to deliver responses that align with a brand's standards and values.
  • Continuous Optimization: C1 regularly monitors and refines C1 Elly's business outcome tracking and performance to keep pace with evolving business needs.

C1 Elly advances Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) technology by providing a seamless single-provider experience. With over 200 pre-built integrations, the addition of AI into business operations is simplified and C1 Elly can quickly access data in systems across the enterprise.

Putting C1 Elly to work

With C1 Elly technology, C1 experts have the mechanisms in place to help organizations uncover automation opportunities tailored to their specific business needs, guiding them to prioritize automation opportunities for the most immediate impact. Examples of how C1 Elly can be applied include:

  • If a customer calls from a noisy location, C1 Elly can detect the background noise and offer to switch to chat. If the customer agrees, C1 Elly sends a text message to the customer and picks up the conversation, now in chat, where it left off.
  • A theme park can create a dynamic travel concierge to help manage reservations and give proactive activity suggestions based on travel and previous stay preferences.
  • An HR department can provide benefits recommendations to employees based on their previous year selections and outcomes (e.g., "I spent my out-of-pocket maximum in 2023 by Oct 1") and the coming year's plan options to support personalized advice on plan selections.
  • A credit card company can offer secure payment processing across all channels without storing or exposing credit card information to agents.
  • A sales department can create a sales copilot that answers questions about products or provides updates on a sales pipeline.

Key C1 Elly capabilities and features:

  • Natural and Authentic Interactions: Emulate human dialogue on any digital channel with GenAI specific to your data. Instantly offer worldwide services with support in over 127 languages and enable seamless, personalized hand-offs between automated technologies and live agents so information never needs to be repeated.
  • Data Activated Everywhere: Easily take advantage of all enterprise data. Ensure a strong foundation for data over time through C1's expert curation, pre-processing, and governance that collects and utilizes data from systems across the enterprise to enhance C1 Elly's ability to provide fast and accurate answers.
  • Increased Confidence: Ensure high-quality interactions thanks to answers that are based on company-specific data, confidence scoring that indicates uncertainty levels, and custom guardrails that mitigate AI risks, such as hallucinations.
  •       Meet C1 Elly

"Listening to and working with customers and understanding their integration, data quality, and resource challenges, we've been able to develop a generative AI-based intelligent assistant that taps into all the data across an enterprise, efficiently and securely," said Mark Langanki, Chief Technology Officer, C1. "Then applying C1's Human Experience Quality Index monitoring that constantly evaluates the quality of C1 Elly's responses, assures companies their responses are accurate, hallucinations are avoided, and C1 Elly effectively represents their brand experience."


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