Conflux Technology releases Conflux Cartridge

December 21, 2022

Australian 3D printing innovator Conflux Technology released its next configurable 3D printed heat exchanger product – a high-performance cartridge heat exchanger called Conflux Cartridge.

Conflux Technology is a leading additive manufacturing company pioneering thermal and fluid applications through expert engineering and production. Conflux began in the world of F1 engineering, where founder & CEO Michael Fuller, transformed heat exchanger designs and performance outcomes.

“The Conflux Cartridge delivers low pressure-drop and high heat transfer in a compact design. The embedded thermal transfer lowers plumbing volume, performance impact and risks. Our growing suite of Conflux products each offers features tailored to our customer’s specific application fluids and packaging requirements” said Dan Woodford, Conflux’s Chief Product Officer.

Conflux Technology releases Conflux Cartridge, its next high performance, configurable 3D printed heat exchanger

With vertically integrated, advanced manufacturing operations, Conflux encompasses all aspects of the engineering process – from design and CFD analysis to in-house AM serial production, post-processing, and independent validation. Conflux consistently pushes AM technology to the cutting edge, deriving ground-breaking outcomes for its customers.

Using their deep specialist knowledge in thermal solutions, Conflux Technology has created a compact heat exchanger that embeds an additive manufactured core into traditionally manufactured housings. The scalable design and its rapid configuration make this style of heat exchanger suitable for a range of industries; automotive, electric vehicles, defense, aerospace, industrial and energy.

“Our customers continue to be impressed with the fine details we are manufacturing with our advanced techniques and our patented technology. We are excited to be able to show how this level of performance is possible in such a compact package” said Ben Batagol, Conflux’s Head of Business Development, after his recent trip to Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Conflux Cartridge allows for many design freedoms and can be configured for custom boundary conditions. Get in touch for a deep dive into the technical specifications.

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