DEEPX Expands First-Generation AI Chips into Intelligent Security and Video Analytics Markets

April 23, 2024

DEEPX, an on-device AI semiconductor company, is announcing plans to expand its first-generation AI chip lineup to focus on the intelligent video analytics and security system market an expansion driven by key business alliances with global physical security companies, physical security device OEM/ODMs, and IDH companies. To this end, the company recently had an exclusive booth at ISC West (The International Security Conference and Exposition), the world's largest security exhibition held from April 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, USA, where it met with more than 400 companies and more than 600 business representatives from leading global security companies.

To explore partnering with DEEPX to drive synergies in the security and surveillance industry, please contact:

DEEPX will also have a booth #123 at the Secutech Taipei exhibition in Taiwan from April 24 to 26 to showcase its innovative solutions for AI of Things (AIoT) and to expand product collaborations with physical security companies and global industrial equipment manufacturers.

The global AI video analytics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33% from $18.11 billion in 2023 to $75.35 billion by 2028. This is driven by the rapid expansion of industries that are applying vision AI capabilities, such as smart cities and transportation — including traffic control — smart factories, smart homes, retail, distribution, and healthcare.

Faced with communication delays, privacy issues, and network costs in systems that previously ran AI on the cloud or central servers, these markets require the realization of intelligent video analysis functions in real time using on-device AI semiconductors. In addition, a reorganization of the physical security industry's global supply chains is creating an opportunity for DEEPX to accelerate the expansion of its on-device AI solutions.

Harnessing this opportunity to empower physical security companies worldwide, DEEPX's DX-M1, which uses a 5nano processing, has secured a significant lead compared to similar solutions on the global market by demonstrating overwhelming efficiency of power consumption to performance. DX-M1 supports real-time AI computation processing of more than 30 frames per second (FPS) for more than 16 channels of multi-channel video on a single chip. Moreover, unlike other AI semiconductors, it has a wide spectrum of AI model support, from the most popular YOLOv5 model used for object recognition to the latest YOLOv9 and vision transformer models.

This technological and market advantage is made possible by more than 240 patents covering the underlying technology that ensures low manufacturing costs, low power consumption, and competitive pricing — all key considerations for customers when purchasing AI semiconductors.

DEEPX is currently running an Early Engagement Customer Program (EECP) program to attract early customers, offering a small camera module with DX-V1 (5TOPS), an AI SoC solution; M.2 module with DX-M1 (25TOPS), an AI accelerator solution; DX-H1 quattro PCIe card (100TOPS), a product for AI servers; and DXNN®, DEEPX's developer environment. Currently, more than 100 global companies have received hardware and software from DXNN® through the program, which they are using to develop new AI-powered products for mass production.

Following its participation in ISC West and Secutech Taipei, DEEPX will attend Embedded Vision Summit in Silicon Valley in May and COMPUTEX 2024 in Taipei in June to accelerate its global business expansion with local businesses and global distribution organizations.

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