Vention to democratize industrial automation using NVIDIA AI technologies

June 5, 2024

Vention, the company behind the cloud-based Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to bring industrial automation technology to small and medium manufacturers by using NVIDIA AI and accelerated computing to advance cloud robotics. This announcement marks a year of collaborative efforts to leverage artificial intelligence to simplify the realization of industrial automation and robotic projects, from the design of equipment up to their operations.

Vention's cloud-first MAP is inherently AI-enabled, drawing on a proprietary dataset of several hundred thousand robot cell designs created since the company's founding. Vention intends to leverage this unique asset to simplify the user experience on the cloud and on the edge. The collaboration with NVIDIA focused on using AI to create near-accurate digital twins significantly faster and more efficiently so manufacturers can test their projects before they invest. Areas of development include generative designs for robot cells, co-pilot programming, physics-based simulation, and autonomous robots.

Combined with Vention's modular hardware and plug-and-play motion control technology, the collaboration with NVIDIA will bring cutting-edge AI to the forefront of manufacturing aiming to widen access to industrial automation technology for small and medium manufacturers. Already known for its user-friendly software products and interface, Vention aims to continue bringing solutions to small and medium manufacturers, enabling them to adopt automation faster and more efficiently.

A number of new Vention products resulting from this collaboration are expected to be announced in Q3 of 2024.

Quote from Vention
"The Vention ecosystem with NVIDIA's robotics technology and AI expertise will help bring pivotal innovation to the manufacturing renaissance and overall industry. Now, even the most complex use cases can become achievable for small and medium manufacturers."  – Etienne Lacroix, founder and chief executive officer, Vention.

Quote from NVIDIA
"Vention's cloud-based robotics platform, powered by NVIDIA AI, will empower industrial equipment manufacturing companies everywhere to seamlessly design, deploy, and operate robot cells, helping drive the industry forward." – Deepu Talla, vice president of robotics and edge computing, NVIDIA.

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