Digilence Announces Launch of Symphony Integration, Automation, and AI Platform for Accounting Firms

April 3, 2024

Today, Atlanta-based Digilence, LLC which provides digital intelligence solutions for accounting firms, has announced the expansion of the Digilence Cloud to commercialize its Symphony platform, an integration and automation platform to comprehensively integrate both modern and legacy systems into a single data fabric. Symphony therefore enables accounting firms to leverage AI and automation across their many legacy client engagement systems. Combining Symphony with Conductor, Digilence's suite of cloud productivity applications, the Digilence Cloud helps Power the Digital Firm® and digitize inefficient processes across tax, audit, and the client engagement lifecycle for top 400 accounting firms.

Accounting firms have struggled for years to integrate legacy systems with modern systems and automate processes in between. These data and process gaps stand in the way of a firm's ability to modernize and leverage emerging digital and automation solutions. "Digilence has solved this problem with Symphony, which seamlessly integrates with the leading engagement systems from Wolters Kluwer / CCH, Thomson Reuters, IRIS and many others, essentially creating a firm-wide data structure optimized for achieving the full potential of AI and automation," said Chad Osgood, Chief Executive Officer.

Developed with the broad accounting ecosystem at its core, Symphony is the first and only automation platform to offer pre-built integrations not just with modern APIs but also with traditional desktop applications and data sources lacking APIs. This capability helps firms achieve a "version of truth" by consolidating client data and engagement workflows historically scattered across multiple systems. Digilence's mission with Symphony is to eliminate redundancies, automate manual processes, and vitalize client data, thus empowering firms to fully leverage AI capabilities across its private portfolio of clients and client data.

Symphony's integration capabilities:

  • Connect and integrate all engagement and client data into a single data fabric.
  • Leverage pre-built API integrations with all the leading Accounting Firm solutions.
  • No coding necessary – Symphony delivers everything you need to have integrations and interoperability between your cloud solutions and legacy solutions.
  • Comprehensive cloud integration to achieve UI automation in a fully autonomous manner, including "hard to get" data points, even if they're not supported in APIs.

Symphony's AI automation capabilities:

  • An intelligent AI engine that can orchestrate activities across legacy systems to assemble, deliver, review, and track any engagement workflow.
  • Leverage accounting-specific AI and ML data models to validate, consolidate, and normalize client data.
  • Identify and improve data gaps and inconsistencies that stand in the way of automation.
  • An intelligent system that "knows" the optimum digital flow and knows when to call each system for each step and the best way to source and normalize the data, including when human intervention is required.

As the accounting profession continues to evolve, Symphony is poised to lead the charge in the digital transformation journey. Symphony is not just another tool, but a single platform for firms to power the "Digital Firm" vision to consolidate and modernize the legacy environment and transform the client experience.

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