Draganfly’s New Products Bring Added Value to Drone Operations

December 1, 2022

his year, drone industry leader Draganfly added three new technologies to its suite of products. The company’s new Heavy Lift Drone, Commander 3 XL Drone, and Long Range LiDAR are designed to help companies in industries such as package delivery, agriculture, public safety, mapping and surveying, and energy improve operations and increase ROI.

“These three new drone technologies represent Draganfly’s commitment to engineering solutions that address challenges big and small across all industries,” said Cameron Chell, President, and CEO of Draganfly. “Draganfly has been at the forefront of drone technology for over 20 years, and our Heavy Lift Drone, Commander 3 XL Drone, and Long Range LiDAR System are just a few examples of how our company continues to push the boundaries of drone capabilities.”

Here’s a look at the features and uses of Draganfly’s new product offerings:

Heavy Lift Drone

Draganfly’s Heavy Lift Drone is a multirotor UAV capable of carrying up to 67 pounds of payload and flying for up to 55 minutes. By lifting more and flying further, this multi-rotor UAV enables low-cost, highly efficient automated transportation.

The Heavy Lift Drone is compatible with a variety of interchangeable payloads. Its modular parcel delivery system payload box can fit objects and parcels up to 15″ x 17″ x 34″ in size, but the vehicle’s features enable it to do much more than haul packages.

The lifting capacity permits flexibility for carrying large high-end sensors like hyperspectral and bathymetric LiDAR to conduct large-area surveys. What’s more, Draganfly engineers can customize the drone’s heavy lift to accommodate specific business needs.

The Heavy Lift Drone has been used by Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a non-profit organization helping people affected by the war, to deliver critical medical supplies and humanitarian aid to some of the hardest hit areas of the country.

With its ability to carry large payloads and sensitive medical material, the Heavy Lift drone is a cost-effective solution for industries in logistics, operations, and distribution.

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