November 21, 2022

From 5th to 10th November 2022, FPT Industrial attended the 5th edition of CIIE (ChinaInternational Import Expo) an international innovation and high-tech product exchange platform at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Nearly 3,000 enterprises from more than 120 countries and regions gathered to display new products, technologies and services, including Iveco Group and its brand, which made their official debut in the Chinese market. FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of powertrains for various segments, displayed its cutting-edge solutions for the mobility of tomorrow and its innovative technologies, such as the F1C Euro VI Step E engine and the cursor X, the power source concept of the future.

Federico Gaiazzi, Vice President Commercial Operations Asia, Australia and New Zealand, at CIIEFPT Industrial’s at CIIE demonstrated its technological development achievements and global manufacturing quality, together with its comprehensive and increasing commitment to sustainability in all its products and industrial processes. The aim is to enhance a model of industrial production that harmoniously lives and thrives alongside people and communities, manufacturing environmental-friendly products in the most sustainable possible way, without sacrificing customers’ needs and profitability.

In China, FPT Industrial locally produces high-performance engines for the on-road, off-road and power generation sectors through the SAIC Fiat Hongyan (SFH) joint venture, and after-treatment systems technology.F1C EURO VI STEP E – THE POWER AND TORQUE LEADER. Born to efficiently power light commercial vehicles, the F1C Euro VI Step E engine is the result of more than 40 years of FPT Industrial’s R&D and production experience. With up to 152kWand up to 470Nm, this durable and reliable engine provides best-in-class maximum power an torque output. Exceptional load response and extremely efficient power and torque output are achieved with advanced air handling systems, such as the electronically controlled variable-geometry turbo compressors. Developed to improve reliability, durability and serviceability, F1C engines feature dual massflywheel, multiple fuel injection, suspended oil pan and bed-plate in addition to the engine block.

Available in diesel, methane and hybrid versions, and for both transversal and longitudinal installation, the F1C Euro VI Step E delivers optimal performance in a wide range of operating conditions while ensuring consistent installation flexibility.The models can be customized on demand with options including a radiator, air filter, muffler and fittings for air compressor and air conditioning installation. CURSOR X CONCEPT - THE FUTURE IS NOWCursor X concept embodies the energy transition strategy adopted by FPT Industrial to develop new and “greener” propulsion solutions, while ensuring continuity to strategic sectors, such as agriculture, construction and transport, that still rely on current internal combustion engine technology.This engine concept and this strategy are both distinguished by four Ms: Multi-energy, mass flywheel, Modular, Multi-application, and Mindful. Multi-energy means to follow different technological paths to be able to harness a variety of energy sources – Diesel, natural gas, biomethane, hydrogen and electricity – offering customers the highest performance with the lowest environmental impact. Modular is the way FPT Industrial engines are designed, by thinking from the start to different mission requirements and emission regulations. The result is a single-base propulsion system allowing for easy vehicle integrations and performance customizations, depending on the specific application. Multi-application means the extension of innovation benefits and their rapid transfers between different sectors. Mindful is the built-in capability to learn from the surrounding environment and to interact with other connected systems to adapt performance and to predict maintenance.

Through dedicated hardware and proprietary software, FPT Industrial powertrains lower both their ecologic and economic impact, delivering reliable performance for all missions.“In the very next future, China and the rest of Asian countries will be driving more and more technology evolution in the powertrain addressable market,” says Federico Gaiazzi, VicePresident Commercial Operations Asia, Australia and New Zealand at FPT Industrial. “For FPT Industrial it’s strategic to be part of this game as a key player and enabler of a seamless energy transition process.”

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