GWM Launches an Expert Interview Video Globally--R&D Process of HAVAL DARGO Unveiled

April 1, 2022
GWM Launches an Expert Interview Video Globally--R&D Process of HAVAL DARGO  Unveiled

Recently, GWM has released an Expert Interview Video of HAVAL DARGO globally, which reveals some interesting stories behind the vehicle.

According to GWM, "DARE TO GO" embodies a life philosophy. As Wang Qingtao, Deputy Director of Design, GWM, said, "'DARE TO GO' implies a sense of safety and power, which can inspire customers to experience a new life and expand their life radius." Based on his interpretation, the core of design lies in the presentation of a sense of strength and safety, for which the design team has gone through over 20 schemes. They have adjusted the proportion of the black devices to further increase the visual height of the vehicle. Additionally, the undulating profile of the front, rear fender trims and its full and large side body profile could make the vehicle more sizable and powerful.

The engine and chassis of the HAVAL DARGO have also undergone several rounds of testings and tunings to ensure the customer's confidence of "DARE TO GO", so that customers can obtain a reliable and comfortable experience in both urban and off-road driving.

To reach "DARE TO GO" places, customers will face various road conditions along the way. Therefore, the engine will be tested many times to ensure its reliability and durability in various environments. Paul Andrew Dudek, Technical Consultant & Validation Expert of GWM, said that during the engine testing, for testing main systems such as the cooling system, lubrication system and ventilation system, extreme weather should also be taken into account. "You do winter testing to very cold temperatures or you go to the deserts where you have a lot of dust and a lot of heat and to make sure this engine works under all conditions," Paul said.

The tuning of the suspension is also very important in order to cope with the various road conditions during the "DARE TO GO" journey. Kawabe Yoshihiro, Chief Engineer of the Chassis R&D Department of GWM, said, "The resilient and smooth suspension and sufficient ground clearance can enhance the vehicle's capabilities of traveling smoothly under difficult driving conditions." During the four-year development, engineers have prioritized the basic performance potential of the suspension by regulating the hardpoints of the suspension and optimizing the design of the bushing. Driving comfort was also ensured through the adjustment of tires, springs and shock absorbers.

Currently, HAVAL DARGO has been launched in some regions, such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and will be launched in more markets to accompany more users to broaden the boundaries of their lives with "DARE TO GO".  

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