Han® S 120: Flexible battery storage connectors for pinpoint precise green power feed-in

Team IIG
December 8, 2022

HanS is the name of HARTING’s front mounting solution for transmitting highcurrents in energy storage systems. The connectors are used for the series orparallel connection of battery storage modules or to connect storage andmanagement modules. The developers have focused on high performance, flexibleconnections and user safety. In addition to the Han S 200 (currentcarrying capacity: 200 A), the "little brother" Han S 120has joined the family.


Han Sconnectors are designed for the quick replacement and smooth handling of thestorage units. With the option of front mounting, touch safety and 360 degreerotatability, they represent a safe and flexible alternative to the cable lug. Usersbenefit from additional security and simplicity when installing and operatingthe systems. With these strengths, HARTING is making an important contributionto the implementation of renewable energy generation.


The front-mounted Han® S solution offers high performance, flexible connections and user safety.

Safety features:

§  Contact safe contacts

§  Shacklelocks allow constant control of the locking status

§  Optional "Unlocking Protected" shackle - allows unlocking only with the aid of a tool è noerroneous openings, no accidental touching!

§  Vibration proof: Screw connection and cover do not loosen by themselves

§  Different colours (red, black, blue...) stand for further safety-relevant features

§  Coloured and mechanical coding prevents confusion in polarity



Advantages for installation:

§  The angled grommet housings can be rotated 360° over the connection point (cable moves with it), enabling the connections for plus and minus to be placed anywhere on the front à Design freedom

§  Greater flexibility thanks to various mounting options: Surface-mounted (screw bolt or busbar connection) and screw-in housing

§  HanS screw-in housings permit the interface to be mounted and removed withouthaving to slide the entire module out of the storage cabinet

§  Complete pre-assembly for use in the field possible

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