ImageSource Unveils ILINX AI for Intelligent Process Automation

March 6, 2024

Process innovation leader ImageSource proudly introduces ILINX AI, the latest addition to the ILINX enterprise platform, that gives organizations the ability to apply intelligent process automation to their content and data-driven business processes. ILINX AI uses content understanding, predictive analytics, and generative AI to enrich communications and transform transaction-heavy business processes, enabling organizations to realize tangible benefits in analytics, efficiency, productivity, and enhanced customer experiences.

Terry Sutherland, CEO of ImageSource, says artificial intelligence has been part of ImageSource intelligent document processing for years. But new AI capabilities, such as machine learning and large-language models, have expanded the opportunities for organizations.

"Today, our customers are looking for ways to responsibly and productively leverage tools like generative AI and predictive analytics," says Sutherland. "ILINX AI gives organizations tremendous flexibility to apply intelligent process automation where it makes the most sense, where they see value, and where they can learn the most from it. This is a long game, and we're partnering with our customers to deliver value quickly with ILINX AI and evolve every day."

ILINX AI utilizes existing content within an organization, as well as data in motion, to intelligently route information to the right person, process, or system, extract historical knowledge to power generative AI, and analyze multi-system information to make predictions and assist with smarter decision-making.

"ILINX is an incredible tool set for orchestrating the intake, utilization, and integration of content and data," says ImageSource CTO Randy Weakly. "Now, we can apply ILINX AI anywhere in the business process to augment those services and further optimize automation, enhance communications, and help organizations deliver superior user experiences."

The use cases for ILINX AI are vast, and customers are already working with ILINX to improve complex business processes. ILINX AI uses the intelligence of patterns from content and transactions to provide exceptionally accurate anomaly detection and give organizations the ability to create exceptional customer experiences by reserving the human touch for the most impactful parts of their customer relationships.

"We're incredibly proud to help our customer-partners harness AI to reimagine the customer-facing interactions they carry out every day." CEO Terry Sutherland says, "ILINX AI is a game-changer; it's highly configurable and trainable and empowers organizations to predict outcomes and speed up business processes-empowering their systems of record."

Paired with the ImageSource approach to partnering with customer-partners and creating long-term strategic vision, ILINX AI is a foundational tool for organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation.

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