InEight Launches New Construction Software Updates

September 26, 2022

InEight Inc., a global leader in construction project management software, has today announced its latest software innovations, including new process standardizations across scope, design and resource management, as well as new progress tracking features and the ability to create benchmark-validated estimates and schedules. The update also refines InEight’s mobile app to facilitate immediate access to real-time information whether in the office, in the field, or on the go. Altogether the updates will improve project visibility, creating new opportunities for efficiencies while elevating team performance and increasing project certainty, including for design build and alternative delivery projects.

“To fully unlock the benefit of the industry’s ever-increasing access to data, we need greater standardization and better benchmarking tools,” said Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight. “Our latest updates focus on just that – creating new ways to generate actionable insights that will significantly improve on-time and on-budget performance.”  

Increased real-time visibility of evolving design quantities and delivery dates, alongside easier tracking of progress against design scope will allow users to better manage resources, work plans, budgets, forecasts, schedules and procurement. These enhancements to InEight Design Management solution will improve the consistency of project delivery while standardizing the completion of design work.

InEight’s latest update to its benchmarking functionality will allow users to create benchmark-validated estimates and schedules using templates, resources and cost and assembly libraries. Users will be able to mine historical projects to compare as-estimated and as-built data points as well as evaluate estimates and schedules against high- and low- historic averages in a visually digestible graphs and consensus views.

The enhancements will also improve the functionality and user experience of InEight’s mobile app. With improved notifications, and progress and productivity tracking functionalities, mobile users can remain an active part of the project, anywhere, anytime. Mobile users will be able to immediately log issues, changes or requests for information directly in the app, as well as review up-to-date project data and metrics in a single dashboard without the need for a computer. Data updated in the app will be immediately accessible in the system so everyone, in the field or office, can be on the same page.

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