Kawasaki M5A Gas Turbine Achieves 100,000 Commercial Operation Hours

September 1, 2022

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has announced today that M5A gas turbine with world's highest efficiency in the 5 MW class, launched into the market in November 2017, has exceeded accumulated 100,000 commercial operation hours. M5A gas turbines has been delivered to various customers around the world and has achieved a reliability record that has exceeded 99% during commercial operation.

M5A has the world’s highest efficiency of 32.6% in the 5MW class and also has the world's highest combined generating efficiency of 84.5% in its class. In addition, the application of the latest Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion technologies has reduced NOx emission to 52.5 ppm (O2=0%) or less in consideration of the environment.

Kawasaki offers a full lineup of gas engines, gas turbines and other products that boast high electrical efficiency and are well-suited to a distributed energy supply approach, and one of the company's strengths is its ability to offer optimized combined-cycle power plant energy supply systems that effectively bring together these various products. Moving forward, the company will continue its active pursuit of product and technology improvements as well as strengthening plant engineering capabilities in order to further expand its energy-related business on a global scale. Furthermore, Kawasaki will continue to pursue reliable energy supplies and environmental load reductions and contribute to the realization of low- and zero-carbon-emissions societies while striving to precisely address a diverse array of market needs.

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