Mitsubishi FR-E800 inverters offer remote access through the FR Configurator software

August 4, 2022

Remote operations and remote access to drives brings significant benefits to the organizations. They can be provided through our standard software – FR Configurator. It is possible to access alarm information and to change certain parameters using this simple utility software. This way, drive systems can be monitored and modified even when access to inverters is limited. FR-E800 drives also have great plug-and-play connectivity with HMIs called GOT. Predefined screen templates in GOT Drive can be quickly deployed on the HMI and from that moment data in the inverter is accessed. Combining this with GOT Mobile (which allows wireless access) creates an unprecedented combination on the drive market as access to visualized data is provided within minutes. Thanks to the remote access,. Users work can be monitored from their computers.

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