More organised in a small space with the new chainflex CASE S cable box from igus

October 3, 2022

Save 50% space: igus supplements the chainflex CASE M for cable drums with CASE S specifically for thin cables

In order to be able to store and transport as much as possible in a small space, better and better logistics solutions are being sought for cable drums. Thanks to the new chainflex CASE S from igus, lack of space in the warehouse is a thing of the past. The cable box is an addition to the larger CASE M, and alsoallows easy unwinding of cables directly from the box - even while on themove. With the smaller CASE S, storage and transport is now easier still.After all, customers save 50% of storage space while retaining 100% of the benefits.

With the CASE M, motion plastics specialist igus developed a special logistics solution for its chainflex cables as early as 2020, so that users can save both shipping and storage costs. The chainflex CASE is a cardboard box made from100% recyclable materials, which allows drum shipping without a pallet. The goods can therefore be sent by a parcel deliverer. At the same time, the CASE serves as a storage system for cable drums. The chainflex cables can be unwound directly from the box and cut to the desired length. Setting up a space-saving, cost-effective storage system for drum goods is now even easier thanks to the new chainflex CASE S. "We have noticed that there is an additional need in the market for a more compact solution for the storage and transport of cables sold by the metre. Examples are thin cables or shorter cable lengths," explains Andreas Muckes, Head of Product Management chainflex Cables at igus. "With the CASE S, we are now offering our cable box in a new, smaller size. As a result, we save 50%of packaging costs, and users need 50% less storage space for their drum goods."

Easy handling - even while on the move

With chainflex CASE M and S, customers do not need any kind of shelving system to hang up their cable drums. Since both sizes are compatible with each other, customers can easily stack the cable boxes on top of each other and thus set up flexible storage facilities. With the smaller CASE S, storage space can now be used even more effectively. In addition, users also save costs with shorter cable lengths compared to the chainflex CASE M with a maximum filling of 200 metres. The compact size also pays off when you're on the move. The chainflex storage system is portable and, thanks to its smaller installation size, can now be transported even more easily in the car. It can also, for example, be used directly at construction sites. The chainflex CASE is already a popular logistics solution, especially among service technicians and in the service area of factories. In contrast to cable laying with a ring, the mounted drum enables twist-free cable filling of the energy chain, which is the basis for a long service life in thee-chain.

Re-order via QR code

If the goods sold by the metre are used up at some point, customers can re-order their cables online with their smart phones in just a few seconds - simply via an individual QR code on the shipping box. This not only saves customers shipping and storage costs, but also processing charges. A total of over850 cables can be delivered in the chainflex CASE. With the chainflex range, customers receive flexible and robust cables that are suitable for various applications with enormous speeds and accelerations, long travels and the most adverse environmental influences. In numerous tests in our own3,800sqm test laboratory, the cables continuously prove their long service life. Based on this data, their service life can also be precisely calculated - in just a few clicks using an online tool. "Thanks to the results of our extensive tests and our more than 30 years of experience, we can also give our customers a guarantee of up to 36 months or 10 million double strokes on our cables in good conscience. We were the first German company to have this promise validated by the world-renowned testing agency 'Underwriters Laboratories' (UL)," adds Andreas Muckes.

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