New Camera Module from Immervision Debuts at Amsterdam Drone Week

December 2, 2022

Insights at Amsterdam Drone Week were centered around the eventual evolution of the airspace but there also were numerous developments related to where drone technology is providing value today. A new product from Immervision that debuted at the event will support what it means for commercial drone operators to enable that value in a much simpler manner.

Showcased on the exhibit floor of Amsterdam Drone Week, Immervision’s new UAV Camera Module for low-light sensitivity was designed to satisfy requirements of total situational awareness in low-light conditions. This wide-angle camera module and image processing software will enable the product to be utilized in a wide range of applications but is especially applicable for anyone focused on flying at night or in low light conditions. Capturing the right data in these situations has traditionally been difficult but this new camera module is set to change that paradigm.

“We developed this product because we know so many operators use off-the-shelf cameras, but they don’t perform well in low-light conditions,” said Patrice Roulet Fontani, Vice President of Technology and Co-Founder at Immervision. “This camera literally captures more light to perform well in these conditions. Additionally, the low weight and ultra wide-angle Field of View provides them with a complete situational view.”

These combined capabilities provide the power of a customized solution with the utility of an off-the-shelf product. Its low weight enables the drone to stay in the air for longer, further supporting the capture of data in challenging environments. Additional features include:

A wide-angle panomorph lens with smart pixel management provides enhanced image quality.

IP67 rating and front lens element in glass for usage in various environments, outdoors and indoors.

Easily customizable to various platforms and flight controllers.

All of these features allow commercial drone operators to more easily capture the data they need in challenging environments. While it fits well on a drone, the new product can also work with a wide range of robots, land vehicles, and water vessels. This variety is something the Immervision team heard their users wanted and needed, but they also took the time to address needs they weren’t directly hearing to create a more complete product.

“Feedback from our customers let us know that they had come to rely on off-the-self drone solutions in a big way,” Fontani told Commercial UAV News. “They also told us how much of a struggle it was to use those products in certain low-light situations but that they couldn’t move away from products that were so simple to use. They were essentially asking for a custom solution without the expense and process that customization requires. So we created something that provided that same level of customization in an off-the-shelf package.”

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