OMRON Releases Simulation Software to Accelerate DX at Manufacturing Sites, Including Control Equipment of Partner Companies
October 8, 2021
[Simulating custom robots developed by customers]
[Simulating custom robots developed by customers]

OMRON Corporation (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan; President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) will begin supplying "Sysmac Studio 3D Simulation" globally on October 4, a simulation software that can digitally reproduce the entire facility by utilizing the “Robotic Integrated Controller*2,” which was launched last July, and can easily verify its operation with the same accuracy as the actual machine. "Sysmac Studio 3D simulation" allows customers to simulate the entire machine, including custom robots developed in-house and equipment of partner companies. In addition to OMRON's extensive lineup of control equipment, including robots, OMRON can verify the entire machine, including customer's custom robots and equipment from partner companies, thereby contributing to the improvement of production capacity in the manufacturing industry and the realization of equipment start-up to maintenance in a short period.

In recent years, in addition to the conventional shortage of manpower and other issues, there has been a growing demand for automation using robots due to the impact of the new corona viruses and for innovation in the engineering environment through digital technology. OMRON is the first in the industry to develop the Robotic Integrated Controller that enables control and verification of robots and other peripheral devices in a batch, enabling simulation with high operating accuracy and real-time performance with actual devices. OMRON has realized shorter delivery times for machine design and more sophisticated facilities. Conventional simulation functions, on the other hand, did not support equipment manufactured by other companies used in customers' automation facilities or self-manufactured robots. Because of this, some parts could not be simulated, which posed a challenge in grasping the entire machine.

OMRON is striving to innovate its manufacturing sites with the unique concept "innovative-Automation". With innovative-Automation evolving further through the Robotic Integrated Controller, we are seamlessly integrating the control equipment needed for the manufacturing process, and continuing to challenge the transformation of the manufacturing site by realizing a "new engineering style that is free from time and location constraints" that integrates virtual and real. Sysmac Studio 3D Simulation, which OMRON will begin offering this time, has made it possible to easily incorporate into simulations the general-purpose equipment*3 of partner companies, which are often used in custom robots and installations that are controlled by Robotic Integrated Controller. As a result, the operation of the entire machine can be checked, and pre-verification of visualization and movement on the digital before the machine is actually started up can be performed, thereby reducing the time required for machine design and operation verification by 50%. Furthermore, after the equipment is put into operation, the operating status of the actual equipment is checked digitally and monitored to shorten the time required to identify the cause of the error, enabling remote program correction and reducing the time required for remodeling. OMRON will continue to dramatically improve the DX and productivity of the manufacturing site with the Robotic Integrated Controller.

  • *1 50% reduction: OMRON investigation in July 2020 (results of actual machine design conducted by OMRON and verified in comparison with the conventional machine construction process)
  • *2 Robotic Integrated Controller: A controller that integrates and controls the robots and control equipment that make up OMRON's production facilities with One controller
  • *3 Generic device of the ³ partner company: provided that it is EtherCAT connected

Main Features and Benefits of the Integrated Software "Sysmac Studio 3D Simulation Function"

  • 3D simulation of custom robot mechanisms (parallel link mechanism and serial link mechanism) operated by motion control can be performed simply by setting the conditions in the setting menu.
  • Simply set 3D simulations for other manufacturers' EtherCAT devices (electric cylinders, electric chucks, etc.) to be operated by I/O control in the setting menu.

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