Reliable Ethernet connections for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

December 9, 2022

Ethernetis conquering more and more areas of industrial applications. Little by little,step by step, it is penetrating the last niches of the field level. A development that ensures more and more continuity and, in addition to real-time capabilities, also entails the simultaneous transmission of higher data rates and the supply of voltage. In line with these developments, the infrastructure must keep pace with the markets. HARTING will be showing solutions for Industrial Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Single Pair Ethernet at SPS 2022.Reliable Ethernet connections for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


Comparison Mini PushPull ix Industrial® and PushPull variant 4: The Mini PushPull caters to the ongoing miniaturisation trend and also offers the right interface for small devices in demanding application environments.

HARTING at SPS 2022:

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) live demonstrator on the stand

Together with Belden, HARTING will be featuring a Single Pair Ethernet live demonstration in Hall 10. For this purpose, the stands of both companies (130 HARTING / 120Belden) will be connected with an SPE line, by which a permanent 100Mbit/s video will be established. Both companies are providing proof of the fact that SPEis more than mere theory. In recent years, not only the necessary infrastructure and associated standards have been developed, but also switches and other SPE-capable devices are in the starting blocks. The aim is to encourage the market to stop hesitating and start using SPEs. This is the case wherever higher data rates are needed at the field level, where the weight and space requirements of the infrastructure are already critical today and will become even more so in the future.


"As a pioneer in the development of SPE, we have laid the technical foundation for an internationally standardised interface. Together with strong partners, we have founded a successful network that now has 57 members. We clearly perceive the growing acceptance of SPE in our target markets. Meanwhile, we have reached important milestones for digitalisation down to the smallest applications. However, we also see what growth potential the technology still holds. That is why we continue to actively shape the development of SPE for our customers," as Ralf Klein,Managing Director HARTING Electronics stated.


An overview of the solutions from HARTINGand all other members is provided by the first product database for SPEavailable on the market:


MiniPushPull ix Industrial

For devices in demanding environments, a newIP65/67 protected version of the ix Industrial Ethernet connector will bepresented at the fair. In contrast to the well-known PushPull variant 4, thehousing of the new Mini PushPull series is significantly smaller. Consequently,the housing accommodates the miniaturised plug-in face of the ix Industrials,which is up to 70 % smaller in the device than previous RJ45 solutions. Inaddition to the well-known simple operation and IP65/67 protection, users canrely on an absolutely robust data connection for Gbit Ethernet or IndustrialEthernet. The Ethernet connection for tomorrow's applications.


The SPE Industrial Partner Network at SPS 2022

Numerous companies from the SPE IndustrialPartner Network will be represented at SPS 2022 and will be showcasing their latest developments in the field of single-pair data transmission. This not only concerns infrastructure components, but also active and passive components on the PCB and, of course, initial devices and application examples. After the network was founded at SPS 2019, the now 57 member companies are looking forward to the opportunity to engage in direct exchange on location.


All member companies represented with their own stand at the SPS are listed here:


HARTING at electronica 2022:

HARTING and Spark fun featuring a SPE live demonstrator

HARTING and Sparkfun team up to present a Single Pair Ethernet live demonstrator at Electronica in Munich. The application shows an exemplary setup for an SPE application and demonstrates that all the necessary components and standards for SPE applications are available on the market. The connection of a vibration sensor by means of SPE infrastructure features as an example. This shows that SPE is long past the theory phase. The components are available, and the necessary standards have been set, thereby clearing the way for the use of the technology for all potential users and for successful digitization down to the field level.

New data modules for har-modular

har-modularis a modular connector system for PCBs that is able to drastically reducedevelopment times. The system consists of various modules for the industriallifelines of data, signal and power, which can be combined as desired in anonline configurator. Orderable in quantities of one and delivered in anyindividual configuration with all the necessary development data, har-modular®simplifies and accelerates the development of new PCB designs, simplifies PCBrouting while making prototype testing less expensive. The catalogue search for a suitable DIN 41612 interface is just as unnecessary as is the initiation of long-term special development activities. Instead, users can configure and order the connection individually according to their needs. This makes PCB connection not only simple but also flexible - regardless of the design arrangement:Mother-Daughter, Mezzanine or Extender-card.


At Electronica, HARTING will be highlighting two new data modules for Gbit Ethernet transmission. One module with 4 shielded contact pairs for transmission of 10GBase-KR4 Ethernet and one module with ones hielded contact pair for transmission of SPE or Profibus via two modules arranged side by side.

As Ralf Klein, Managing Director HARTING Electronics GmbH underlines:: "har-modular® offersentirely neww possibilities for upcoming device generations. Developers no longerhave too choosee one suitable interface from thousands, but can configuretheir individuall connection quickly, easily and with all the relevant data. Asfrom batchh sizee one! This saves time, nerves and costs on the way to the nextgeneration off devices."


EthernetWeek 2023 expects exciting guests


After a successful launch in 2022, the second Industrial Ethernet Week will take place next February. For one week,everything will be revolving around the latest trends and developments in the Ethernet universe. HARTING will once again be welcoming numerous interesting guests.Together, the experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges of data utilization between the increasingly converging fields of industrial automation and IT.

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