Rotary Motors

June 17, 2021

Piezo Motion’s Rotary Piezo Motors represent a quantum leap in the design of small-size high-performance DC motors. Injection-molded using extremely durable, but lightweight engineered reinforced thermoplastics, they combine economical cost with superior precision and ultrafast response/start-stop characteristics.
Extremely energy-efficient with a rapid response time and low voltage {5V DC}, Piezo Motion’s rotary motors consume zero power in hold position while still providing significant torque. Available in a variety of configurations (including non-magnetic) they are ideal for high-volume demanding OEM applications that demand superior precision. Piezomotors yield high resolution without sacrificing the torque output. Holding torque is higher than driving torque with zero power consumption. Operating temperature range -20° to 80° C
Motors are used in various applications. This includes biomedicine, optics, semiconductor, and nanotechnology to industrial electronic and automotive systems.

  • Piezo Motion’s Rotary Motors are ​capable of 625,000 steps per revolution​
  • 0.1W at 1 rpm​
  • 0 power at hold
  • Step size of just 10µrad at full torque

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