Simplify robotic applications with the new LoadMate™ Plus engineered solution.

June 8, 2021

LoadMate Plus™ is Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s engineered solution offering to simplify robotic applications. Specifically created to be easy to set up and use, our team has done the engineering necessary so setup takes minimal time. Completely configurable, the LoadMate Plus robot and stand are perfect for stand-alone cells, or to be integrated into a larger solution.

LoadMate Plus streamlines the task of integrating robotics and can be used as a mobile stand-alone cell or as part of a larger solution.

LoadMate Plus cells can be configured to fit a variety of robot applications, helping integrators, OEMs, and manufacturers save time and cost with a complete robot and stand solution.

With its flexible options, the LoadMate Plus can be used for pick-and-place, inspection, assembly, packing, or other application.

The LoadMate Plus has hundreds of pre-engineered configurations, but can also be customized to match more unique applications.

Let Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s team handle the engineering and assembly, so you can get projects installed and into production quickly.

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