Sliding Easy with Wear-Resistant Tribo-Tape!

August 10, 2023

Thematerials used in these tribo-tapes exhibit low abrasion, require nolubrication or maintenance, and come in four high-performance polymers tailoredfor different applications. Let's take a closer look!

Asa sliding surface, these tribo-tape liners are designed to reduce abrasion during linear movements and minimize wear. They have already found great success in various applications, such as edge protection and product protection in packaging and conveyor systems.

The iglidur® tribo-tapes stand out due to their exceptional wear resistance compared to standard materials. These tribologically optimized films are built to last!

In the realm of furniture construction, igus® liners are already making adjustments a breeze. These liners also excel in the wood industry, where dust and chips often pose challenges. For instance, when cutting wood fiber insulation boards,the tribo-tape ensures easy movement of the rotating stop on the saw blade, without the hassle of settling sawdust sticking to the guidance.

To enhance the service life of these highly wear-resistant films, igus® has developed a new adhesive backing. This adhesive not only provides better adhesion but is also FDA-compliant, making it suitable for use in the food industry.

Testing conducted in igus® extensive in-house laboratory spanning over 2,750 square meters has confirmed the outstanding wear resistance of these films. In a wear test against a stainless steel pin, all four tribo-tapes outperformed PTFE glass fabric and PTFE bronze compounds by up to tenfold!

The materials used in these tribo-tapes exhibit low abrasion, require no lubrication or maintenance, and come in four high-performance polymers tailored for different applications. Let's take a closer look!

1️.The blue liner made of the FDA-compliant iglidur® material A160 not only offers high resistance to media but also meets strict hygiene and safety requirements in the food industry. Its blue color ensures easy visibility and detection.

2️.The black iglidur® B160 liner boasts enhanced wear resistance. It can be discreetly assimilated in visible areas, making it ideal for applications in the furniture industry.

3️.Developed for hygiene-sensitive industries, the iglidur® W160 liner possessesanti bacterial properties. It finds applications in machines used for dental hardening or sterilization. Additionally, its UV-stabilizing additives ensure that material properties remain unaffected by light-induced oxidation.

4️.Finally, we have the high-temperature specialist iglidur® V400. This liner isextremely heat-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200degrees Celsius, with adhesion up to 160 degrees Celsius. Its exceptional wearresistance makes it suitable for high loads and temperatures while remainingresistant to various media.

The versatility of iglidur® tribo-tapes is further enhanced by their availability in different sizes. The liners A160, B160, and W160 come in standard widths of20, 50, 100, and 500 millimeters, with thicknesses of 0.5 and 1 millimeter. TheV400 liner is available in a standard width of 120 millimeters and a filmthickness of 0.5 millimeters. You can also choose between adhesive-backed and non-adhesive options. Custom cutting for special geometries or widths is also offered by igus.

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