Zentist Launches Cavi AR, an RCM Software for Dental Insurance AR & Claims Management

April 26, 2024

Zentist, the leading cloud-based insurance Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software for the U.S. dental groups, proudly announces the introduction of Cavi AR, an additional innovative solution that is part of their product suite, Remit AI. Cavi AR enhances the operational efficiency of dental support organizations (DSOs). It is a testament to the company's continued commitment to technological advancement and excellence in the dental industry.

Cavi AR revolutionizes the dental accounts receivable management of outstanding claims from start to finish for DSOs. When used in conjunction with Remit AI, Cavi AR effectively streamlines the claims process. With a single dashboard for outstanding claims management, Cavi AR ensures that every claim is tracked and managed accurately until it is processed.

Cavi AR automates the categorization of critical factors such as AR days, expected/submitted amount, and last update date. This strategic categorization enables teams to prioritize their efforts effectively, focusing on the most critical claims first. It also further simplifies the access to Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs) by consolidating them on one dashboard with claims, eliminating the hassle of multiple payer portals. What normally can take hours, if not days, is now available at the click of a button.

In the last 2 months of deploying Cavi AR in a BETA program with multiple DSOs, clients experienced a 54.9% reduction in the time (in hours) required to find and source relevant payments to outstanding claims, highlighting Cavi AR's powerful impact on speeding up dental insurance claim AR management. Also, before the availability of Cavi AR, dental groups historically relied on more than one RCM software vendor to address different challenges within the insurance revenue cycle. These same dental groups are now consolidating two or more vendor invoices into one and have achieved a much better ROI from Zentist.

“Prioritizing claims with Cavi AR has been a major advantage. It allows us to tackle the most critical claims first, improving our cash flow and significantly reducing AR days.” - Kimberly Gauden, Credentialing & Claims Manager, Grand Dental Associates.

Zentist's CEO, Ato Kasymov, stated, “Thanks to our technical partnership work with DentalXChange in the past 2 quarters and our product engineering efforts to expand Remit AI’s productivity and efficiency factors to claims A/R management, we were able to launch Cavi AR. With this comprehensive product expansion, we’re focused to deliver a meaningful increase in process automation and productivity for RCM teams around the country.”

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