Renewable Finance and Investment USA 2022

February 10, 2022

A partnering forum for developers, institutional investors, and corporates.

Investments into renewable energy and electrification have supercharged capital expenditure in the United States and is expected to grow by 25% as private and public sectors further commit to climate change through 2022. The clean energy sector is now the most competitive energy investment area for both businesses and investors, with ambitious decarbonization goals and ESG benchmarks to reach.

There is much opportunity on the horizon, especially considering President Biden’s USD 1.2 trillion infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act looming, but rising costs and competition present many risks to financial success. Pivoting your business strategy and financing plans, managing industry risk, and identifying new clean energy investment project development opportunities are all critical elements to grasp in assuring true returns on your investment.

To connect capital with green projects, Reuters Events Renewable Finance and Investment North America 2022 will gather senior public and private sector leaders to create partnerships and scale up the US renewable energy market. A decade of growth awaits. Now is the time for action.

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