SIT Furniture Design Award: Seat and Beyond

June 15, 2021

SIT Furniture Design Award welcomes submissions from around the world in its inaugural year of celebrating creativity and innovation in the furniture field.

With 11 categories represented and 109 subcategories, SIT is one of the most comprehensive furniture design competitions, uniting creativity, and innovation.

Winners will receive the SIT trophy, a Digital brochure feathering their entry, be invited to the Bi-Annual winner reception as well as extensive publicity exposing their designs to a worldwide audience.

SIT Furniture Design Award has created an “Innovation Center” focusing every year on 3 topics to highlight invention, look at today’s challenges, and how to overcome them. The winner of the “Innovation Center” will receive a grant to realize a prototype or start the production.

SIT Furniture Design Awards gives 5 winning titles per year:

  • Furniture Product Design of the Year
  • Designer of the Year
  • Digital Innovation Center Winner
  • Emerging Furniture Product Design of the Year
  • Emerging Designer of the Year

The prize is open to submissions on a global level, accepting entries from Designers and Emerging Talent from all around the world.

SIT Furniture Design Award exists to recognize, celebrate, and promote brilliant international Furniture Designers, Brands, Manufacturers, Emerging talents as well as Visionaries enhancing our daily life with innovation.

SIT Furniture Design Award – Entry Fees

  • $220 – Professional
    (Same Product in additional categories at a 50% discount)
  • $110 – Student
    (Same Product in additional categories at a 50% discount)

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