The Ins & Outs of Robotics: From the Classroom to Coaching

December 14, 2021

Every single student, even our 5-year-olds, are using AI on a daily basis. This is the world that we are moving into. Right now, in every single field of study, AI is being used. Students who understand how AI works and the potential impact of the problems it can solve will be better at curating the tools that they use in their own life.

The seminars aim to reconnect STEM educators with the foundations supporting their subject areas and inspire them to model their passion for learning for their students.

Learning outcomes for Robotics seminar:

  1. Learn common nomenclature and terms.
  2. Analyze aspects of a lesson to establish if and/or when AI or a robot should or should not perform a role to effectively contribute to the lesson’s objective.
  3. Create lessons that entail development and application of students’ problem-solving strategies which may be particularly apt for incorporating AI or robotics activities.
  4. Examine the capability of the robotics activity and how it may enhance student understanding.


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Panel Presentation of Robotic Coaches & STEAM Directors
  • Panel Presentation of Students engaged with Robotics
  • Presentation by Robert on how to introduce and use robots in the classroom for deeper learning
  • Group Activity
  • Read out from Activity
  • Thank You & closing comments

Upcoming Sessions

  • April 27, 2022: How to Use Design Thinking in Your STEM Classroom
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