Worldstar Global Packaging Awards

June 1, 2022

Since 1970, the World Packaging Organisation has been organizing WorldStar awards and providing awards to numerous packs from all around the world. The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and is the pre-eminent global award in packaging. WordStar illustrates the continual advancement of the state of packaging design and technology and creates a living standard of international packaging excellence from which others may learn.  Each year WPO is recognizing the best of the best in packaging innovations from across the globe. The objective of WPO in organising WorldStar is to increase awareness on the importance of packaging in having a better life and to recognize the innovation and efforts of brand owners, designers, students and branding agencies  for creating packaging solutions of the future and in responding to new  challenges and global trends such as sustainability, hygiene and other trends.

WorldStar Awards being the global packaging  design competitions of its kind, continues to evolve and shape the  packaging design community by adding new categories, highlighting the global  trends and challenging we are facing.
Each year WorldStar receives more than 300 entries from more than 34 countries around the world. Out of these entries around 200 winners are selected to receive WorldStar Recognition based on the evaluation of the judging panel. (Check WorldStar Judging Panel)

The prestigious International  Awards Ceremony and Gala dinner to recognize the winners is organized on yearly basis in one of the countries that is member of WPO. However recently and due to the outbreak of Coronavirus  the award ceremony is organized virtually. (Check pics and videos of previous ceremonies). The special awards for Marketing, Sustainability, Packaging that Saves Food and the ultimate President’s Award will be announced on this special night.


WorldStar is open to the whole of the packaging community, whether a manufacturer, converter, supplier, processor, packer filler, brand owner, end user, packaging designer or marketeer. Packs that have won recognition in a recognised national or regional competition, either in the present year or the previous year are eligible to apply for WorldStar Competition.

These winning packs are compared by an expert panel of international judges to similar packs from around the world. Awards are based on the judges' consensus that a pack is superior in its category and market and better in its class in execution or innovation by comparison to others.
(Check WordStar judging criteria)


  • Prestige - gain worldwide recognition - your pack will be noticed by some of the biggest packaging buyers in the world and all over the packaging media.
  • Entering gives you a great opportunity to impress new and current clients
  • Use the winner's logo on your own promotional material and stand out from your competitors
  • Receive the award at a world class awards presentation ceremony & gala dinner
  • Receive a complimentary trophy and certificate to display for all your customers to see


Currently, 73 competitions from 39 countries and regions are recognised by WPO as qualifying for entry to WorldStar and more are continually sought. In order to become a Recognised Packaging Competition by WPO, the organizer of the respective packaging competition should submit an application to WorldStar Team. After submission of an application, the WPO reserves the right to seek more information about a competition from the organisers or from elsewhere. The application will be considered by WPO Executive team based on the below criteria and the decision will be final and binding. The final decision will be communicated to the applicant organisation.


• Competition should be nationally or regionally based.
• Competition should be operational for at least 3 years.
• It is preferred that the competition should be about packaging if not it should be for related fields such as materials, design or marketing ...etc. However, the pack itself should be judged rather than some other aspect.
• Judging Process: Judging Criteria and Judging Panel of the competition
• The organisers should be free from any direct commercial interest in the outcome of the competition so that allegations of conflict of interest are avoided.

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