ABB launches flowmeters with faster and more reliable data transmission for process industries

September 22, 2023

ABB has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in the form of CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters. These cutting-edge devices now possess the capability to draw power through the same Ethernet cable used for data transmission, eliminating the need for separate wiring. This game-changing feature not only streamlines the installation process but also curtails expenses while boosting the speed and reliability of data transfer.

In the realm of process industries, customers have long grappled with the challenge of reducing the intricacies and costs associated with installing and operating field instruments, infrastructure, and systems. The latest ABB CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters, equipped with ProfiNet and Power Over Ethernet, rise to meet this challenge by offering an all-in-one cabling solution.

ProfiNet, a protocol entrenched in the domain of Operational Technology (OT) at the application layer, has been seamlessly integrated into ABB's CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters. This integration enables seamless, real-time data exchange, as well as the monitoring of alarms and diagnostics. It also facilitates diverse configurations to ensure reliable and efficient communication, both within the flowmeters and across local and wide area networks (LAN & WAN).

Harald Grothey, Global Product Manager at ABB, emphasized the growing significance of remote monitoring and control across various industries. He noted, "ProfiNet's high-speed communication capabilities, coupled with fast and dependable data transmission, empower remote operators to make real-time, informed decisions, reducing the need for on-site support travel. We are constantly exploring ways to enhance our customers' efficiency. By eliminating the necessity for separate cabling, the new CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters pave the way for a more resource-efficient future."

ABB's CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster, enhanced with ProfiNet, ensure the reliability of data transmission by providing a stable and consistent power supply. This minimizes the risk of data transmission errors due to power fluctuations or interruptions, guaranteeing the precision and dependability of data received by the control system. Flow rate and density information is transmitted in real-time, ensuring it is always up-to-date.

The user-friendly built-in web server significantly reduces the time required for setup and parameterization of the flowmeters. Users gain access to all essential parameters, including measurement range, units, IO configuration, verification, diagnostic settings, and a data-logging function. This streamlined commissioning and engineering process results in additional cost savings, enhancing overall efficiency.

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