Fritz Studer AG Switzerland Hosts Unforgettable Press Conference, Celebrates 111 Years of Excellence Amidst Global Success

February 20, 2024

Fritz Studer AG, a pioneer in precision cylindrical grinding machines, welcomed journalists from over 20 countries to its annual press conference under the resounding theme "Sound of STUDER". The event served as a testament to the company's resilience and success amidst a challenging global investment landscape.

The press conference unfolded in spectacular fashion, reflecting Studer's unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the celebration of its dedicated employees and partners. Against the backdrop of their 111th anniversary, STUDER CEO Jens Bleher addressed the esteemed audience, sharing insights into the company's remarkable achievements in the just-completed 2023 financial year.

"Despite the difficult global investment environment, the manufacturer of precision cylindrical grinding machines was able to increase sales and gain market share in many regions," Bleher declared, setting the tone for an evening of reflection and anticipation.

Attendees were enthralled by the stories of STUDER's journey, from humble beginnings to global prominence. Despite economic challenges, the company's commitment to product development and infrastructure enhancement has been unwavering. The investments made have not only fortified STUDER's market position but have also laid a solid foundation for sustained growth and innovation.

"The just completed 2023 financial year, after all the year of our 111th anniversary, was extremely successful," Bleher emphasized, as he shared STUDER's remarkable achievements in increasing sales and expanding market share, particularly in the USA and China.

The press conference also shed light on STUDER's steadfast dedication to customer care, with record sales reported in the service sector. The company's participation in global trade fairs and open houses served as a testament to its commitment to engaging with customers worldwide and showcasing cutting-edge solutions.

A highlight of the event was STUDER's unveiling of its Southeast Asia subsidiary, United Grinding Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., in Singapore, marking a significant milestone in the company's global expansion strategy. The establishment of this subsidiary underscores STUDER's strategic focus on intensifying its presence in the region and providing enhanced support to its growing customer base.

The evening resonated with echoes of celebration and optimism as STUDER unveiled its latest innovations in grinding technology, including the S36 production external cylindrical grinding machine, designed to meet the demands of e-mobility components.

As STUDER looks ahead to the future, its commitment to sustainability remains steadfast, with initiatives such as connecting its Steffisburg location to a district heating network and transitioning to LED lighting.

Studer Switzerland Awards Dr. Emil Sauter with the Prestigious Fritz Studer Award 2023

Fritz Studer AG is delighted to award Dr. Emil Sauter from the Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing at ETH Zurich with the esteemed Fritz Studer Award 2023. Dr. Sauter's groundbreaking research on "Detection and Avoidance of Thermal Damage for High-Performance Metal Grinding Processes Using Hybrid Machine Learning Models" captivated the expert jury and represents a significant contribution to the field of grinding technology.

Dr. Sauter's innovative work focuses on the development of a novel condition monitoring system for external cylindrical grinding, utilizing metal-bonded CBN tools. By integrating machine learning models, Dr. Sauter's research enables real-time detection of thermal damage during grinding processes, thereby enhancing productivity and improving component quality. The Fritz Studer Award, accompanied by a prize of CHF 10,000, recognizes Dr. Sauter's exemplary research and its potential impact on the industry.

Studer Switzerland's Commitment to Innovation and Research

The Fritz Studer Award underscores Studer Switzerland's commitment to fostering innovation and excellence within the machine industry. Dr.-Ing. Frank Fiebelkorn, Head of Research and Technology at Fritz Studer AG, emphasizes the importance of the award in promoting young technical and scientific talent while strengthening the innovative capacity of the machine industry.

The award, now in its seventh iteration, solicits creative ideas and solutions from graduates of European universities and colleges with technical disciplines. Applicants are encouraged to explore various themes, including innovative machine concepts, alternative materials in mechanical engineering, simulation models for machine tools, control and sensor concepts, and new manufacturing techniques.

Studer Switzerland Celebrates Continued Success and Growth

In addition to honoring Dr. Sauter's exceptional research, Studer Switzerland commemorates a successful 2023 financial year marked by innovation, growth, and market expansion. Despite challenges posed by the global investment environment, Fritz Studer AG achieved remarkable sales growth and increased market share in key regions, including the USA and China.

The company's strategic investments in product development and infrastructure enhancements have yielded significant dividends, solidifying Studer Switzerland's position as a leader in precision grinding technology. The establishment of United Grinding Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., in Singapore, underscores Studer's commitment to global expansion and customer-centric growth strategies.

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