Improving Education Outcomes and Fostering Sustainable Communities: 3M Invests in Education and Environment Programs in Asia-Pacific through Partnership with GlobalGiving

April 22, 2024

Global science company 3M, in partnership with GlobalGiving, continues to make a significant impact by supporting ten programs that address critical education and environment related challenges in Asia-Pacific. With a total grant amount of US$314,500, this partnership is committed to empowering communities and fostering positive change in the region.

3M believes that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and skilled trades careers can help families advance economically, and act as a catalyst for sustainable development. That’s why the company has pledged to, by the end of 2025, create 5 million STEM and skilled trades learning experiences designed to inspire curiosity, improve educational outcomes and provide transformational opportunities for underrepresented individuals. In AsiaPacific, five GlobalGiving grants made in partnership with 3M have been awarded in five countries. The awardees are:

• The "Creative Idea Project Program in Science and Invention" by Korea Science Service received a grant of US$50,000. This initiative strengthens creative ideas in science and invention, supporting North Korean emigrants and students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds in South Korea. The program includes online and in-person camps, STEM research projects, and participation in an international science fair, providing valuable opportunities for these students to showcase their talents and pursue their passion for scientific exploration.

• In Australia, the "JSO Improving Reach and Impact" program by Australian Science Innovations was awarded a grant of US$50,000. The funding will support a science and STEM training curriculum, under the Junior Science Olympiad Program, offered to highly potential students from regional, remote, and low socio-economic schools across Australia. This program includes masterclasses, remote support, lessons, and tutoring over a twelve-month period.

• The NGO Saturday School Foundation in Thailand received a grant of US$50,000 to expand the existing extracurricular activities it offered to schools in Thailand, focusing on STEM and other academic-learning subjects. The program will specifically prioritize under-resourced schools and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, providing them with the opportunity to participate in these activities on a weekly basis over a period of 2-3 months. At the conclusion of the program, a student showcase will be held, allowing the participants to share their learnings and accomplishments with their peers and the wider community. This initiative aims to empower students with valuable knowledge and skills, fostering their educational growth and future opportunities.

• In the Philippines, "STEM Warriors Club" by Mano Amiga Academy Inc. was awarded US$40,000 to provide online STEM learning resources and summits for students, most of which are from low-income backgrounds. The online learning resources will enable students to explore, discover, and foster an interest in STEM from anywhere in the country. The summits will provide students an opportunity to explore STEM career opportunities, interact with STEM role models, and participate in various group sessions and learning experiences.

• The Japanese Association for the Advancement of Science was awarded a grant of US$30,000 for the “University Student Idea Factory” program. Undergraduate students in Japan will have the opportunity to apply to this program by developing their STEM-related research topics. Successful applicants will participate in a summer camp where they can further develop their research, and ultimately present their ideas at a science-related event.

3M recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. We foster sustainable communities and address environmental inequities in alignment to 3M’s Sustainability Framework, focusing on Science for Climate and Science for Circular. Five Global Giving grants have been awarded in partnership with 3M in five countries to foster sustainable communities and address environmental inequities.

• A US$23,800 grant was awarded to Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation to support the Kuku Thaypan people’s return home to country in Cape York, Australia. This unique project honors the legacy of late Dr. George Musgrave and Dr. Tommy George showcasing cultural fire burning practices to revive country, people and community. It is a testament to Indigenous Land Knowledge and Cultural Practices, showcasing the wisdom and stewardship passed down through thousands of years.

• Green Fund received a grant of US$19,910 to develop an Eco-Market which would serve as a community hub for affordable goods in South Korea. Promotional counters will be installed where environmental education will be provided, including the introduction of alternative upcycled products to reduce waste. This project will enable community members to engage in resource circulation, helping them to be more sustainable in their daily lives.

Three other awardees each received a US$16,900 grant:

• The grant to the "Okinawa Food Pantry Program" by Second Harvest Japan will provide essential food supplies to an island population with a higher proportion of single-parent households. This program not only tackles food insecurity but also fosters community resilience and social support.

• The grant to Asia GreenRoad will promote plastic recycling and upcycling through training and seminars, empowering at least 1,200 community members in Thailand to make sustainable choices and reduce plastic waste.

• A second grant in the Philippines will support the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation's "Citizen Science (CS) Online Tool for Mangroves and Seagrass VegetationIndex Maps" project. The Citizen Science project trains coastal community members in monitoring and reporting on the health of seagrass beds and mangrove forests. The grant will specifically support the design and development of an online tool to help data collection efforts.

“These impactful programs, supported by 3M grants made in partnership with GlobalGiving, truly exemplify our unwavering commitment to driving positive change and empowering communities across Asia-Pacific. By strategically focusing on creating social impact through investments in education and environment, we aim to address critical global challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable future,” said Michael Stroik, 3M’s vice president of Community Relations. “These initiatives represent just a fraction of our broader efforts to create lasting positive impact, and we are proud to stand alongside our partners in making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve."

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