SICK and Aicadium Announce Partnership to Deliver AI-powered Industrial Computer Vision Solutionsto Singapore and Southeast Asia

May 13, 2024

In a significant development for the industrial sensor and artificial intelligence sectors, SICK, a leading solutions providers for sensor-based industrial applications, and Aicadium, a global technology company specializing in AIpowered computer vision products, have announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-develop and commercialize advanced computer vision AI solutions for industry customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia. This partnership will mark a pivotal step towards integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art sensor technology to address critical challenges in industrial and commercial environments.

The partnership between SICK and Aicadium will focus on the most challenging customer use cases. It aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to create AIpowered solutions for businesses in Singapore and Southeast Asia, combining SICK’s leading sensor technology with Aicadium’s innovative AI software. With this collaboration, both companies want to revolutionize how the industrial sector tackles high-impact problems with visual inspection by providing advanced AI solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, quality, and productivity.

Key aspects of the MoU include:

• A structured approach to solution development and commercialization

• Solutions tailored to meet the technical and business needs of end customers in Southeast Asia

• Discovery of emerging trends to better address high-impact use cases

• Use of advanced deep learning and generative AI technologies

SICK is renowned for its worldwide operations in developing, producing, selling, and servicing sensors, sensor systems, and sensor-based solutions particularly in the fields of optical sensors, proximity switches, safety technology, encoders, environmental and process measuring technology, identification solutions, material f low automation, traffic systems, and laser measuring systems.  “We are thrilled to collaborate with SICK to deliver computer vision AI to a broad base of industrial customers,” said Kezheng Chong, Senior Director of Business Development at Aicadium. "This partnership comes at the right time to deliver a new class of solutions to visual inspection problems, where the combination of best in class sensors and advanced artificial intelligence enable industrial applications that are not only feasible, but commercially viable."

Aicadium, a global technology innovator with offices in Singapore and San Diego, California, is at the forefront of operationalizing artificial intelligence within organizations. Tapping an international team of data scientists, engineers, and business strategists, Aicadium's flagship product, Aicadium View, leverages computer vision AI to provide invaluable industrial workplace insights through the analysis of videos and images.  

“This collaboration between SICK and Aicadium brings together the best of industrial sensor technology, domain and application knowledge of SICK, as well as the advanced AI knowhow and technologies of Aicadium to develop new solutions to solve challenging applications in the market. We are thrilled and excited about this partnership.” Michael Goh, Managing Director, SICK Pte Ltd, Singapore.

The planned partnership represents a shared vision between SICK and Aicadium to harness the power of AI and sensor technology to create a more productive and efficient industrial landscape. By combining their respective expertise, SICK and Aicadium are poised to deliver groundbreaking solutions that will have a lasting impact on industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and logistics worldwide.  

Customers interested in learning more about the partnership or in exploring AI solutions to their visual inspection problems should visit

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