HARTING is on fire for the substance of the future: electrical energy

April 26, 2024

“Energizing a Sustainable Industry” – This is the banner under which the 2024 HANNOVER TRADE FAIR is opening its doors from 22 – 26, April. On the press highlight tour, interested journalists were given an advance opportunity to find out about the most innovative technologies at the world’s leading industrial trade fair. The HARTING Technology Group is also on board. The Group will be presenting connection technology for fuel cells and hydrogen production as well as AI-assisted connector development – thereby actively helping to design the All Electric Society. A green future in which all energy is derived from renewable resources and subsequently converted into electricity.

Connection technology for fuel cells

Norway is the partner country for this year’s HANNOVER TRADE FAIR. In keeping with the themes and topics, HARTING presented a project during the press highlight tour which was created in collaboration with the Norwegian company TECO 2030: a fuel cell in which hydrogen is converted into energy. The Technology Group is supplying the connection technology. Besides the Han-Modular®, a pair of M12/RJ45 connectors is installed in the transducer in order to guarantee the safe transmission of data and energy. With technologies such as these, HARTING is playing an active role in implementing the All Electric Society.

AI-assisted connector development

At the same time, HARTING is showingcasing the AI-assisted development of connectors. Together with partners Microsoft and Siemens, the Technology Group is demonstrating how Artificial Intelligence is able to revolutionize the application-based development of industrial products: Natural language inputs are interpreted by highly sophisticated Microsoft recognition algorithms and contextual understanding in order to adapt AI products to specific requirements with the aid of HARTING connectors and create 3D models for CAD software (Siemens). This speeds up development processes, facilitating connectivity solutions ideally adapted to the applications, while ensuring the most sparing deployment of resources.

Collaboration: HARTING presents connection technology for a TECO 2030 fuel cell at HANNOVER MESSE 2024.
At HANNOVER MESSE 2024, HARTING, Microsoft and Siemens are demonstrating how Artificial Intelligence is able to revolutionize the application-based development of industrial products

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