Bruker Introduces Next-Generation Nanomechanical Test System

October 17, 2023

During the annual Materials Science and Technology (MS&T23) conference, Bruker Corporation unveiled its latest innovation, the Hysitron TI 990 TriboIndenter®. This cutting-edge instrument brings a host of improvements to nanomechanical testing, including enhanced performance, automation, and productivity. The TI 990 represents a significant evolution of Bruker's already top-tier TriboIndenter platform, boasting new measurement modes, twice the testing throughput speed, and a more extensive 200mm x 300mm testing area. These advancements offer substantial advantages across various applications and industries, such as increased testing accuracy for nanoscale polymer thin films, enhanced throughput for materials science research, and comprehensive analysis of 300-mm semiconductor wafers. With its blend of exceptional performance, user-friendliness, and adaptability, the TI 990 serves as an ideal characterization solution for polymer research, alloy development, and semiconductor devices.

Prof. Nathan Mara from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities praised Bruker's latest system, highlighting its powerful tool control and mixed-mode feedback control, enabling groundbreaking experiments in the realm of small length scales.

Dr. Oden Warren, General Manager of Bruker's nanomechanical testing business, emphasized that every aspect of the TI 990 was meticulously reimagined to optimize the testing process and potential. From increased measurement flexibility to simplified system setup and streamlined operation, the engineers behind this innovation aimed to empower researchers and anticipate the remarkable breakthroughs it will facilitate.

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