New IO-Link Master Reduces Hardware Costs, Future-Proofs Pneumatic Valve Systems with IIoT Integration

September 29, 2023

Emerson has introduced a novel Class A IO-Link master, offering a cost-effective solution for seamless connectivity of smart and analog sensors within the AVENTICS™ Series G3 Fieldbus platform. The G3 IO-Link Master is ideal for machine setups laden with numerous sensors and pneumatic valves, emphasizing dependable digital data communication between field devices such as sensors and the machine controller. Its applications span across industries including automotive, tire manufacturing, food and beverage, packaging, and metalworking.

IO-Link, an internationally standardized I/O technology (IEC 61131-9), facilitates sensor-to-actuator communication at the machine control level. IO-Link devices boast the ability to auto-identify and configure themselves during replacements, reducing maintenance time. Furthermore, this IO-Link master facilitates pneumatic valve control through direct digital data exchange with the machine controller. It incorporates event-based and I/O mapped diagnostics, critical for predictive maintenance requirements in the context of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

The incorporation of IO-Link capabilities into our valve systems empowers our customers to integrate multiple IO-Link masters onto a single G3 Fieldbus platform, leading to hardware cost savings and future-proofing for Industry 4.0/IIoT applications.

Customers can also achieve cost reductions by reducing the number of communication nodes. The G3 IO-Link master is optimized for sensor-rich applications, offering eight Class A ports per module to support multiple IO-Link smart and standard analog sensors. It can be situated up to 30 meters away from the G3 platform. When coupled with the 20-meter IO-Link cable length limit, sensors can be positioned up to a total of 50 meters away from the G3 Fieldbus platform, resulting in reduced material costs and streamlined machinery due to fewer required cables.

The IO-Link Master encompasses a comprehensive Emerson solution, enabling customers to reap the advantages of IIoT integration by connecting to IO-Link-capable Series AV03/AV05 and 500 valve systems, Series EV12 and EV18 electropneumatic pressure regulators, Series 617 Sentronic LP and Series 614 Sentronic PLUS proportional valves, Series ECD-IV and ECD-LV intelligent compact vacuum ejectors, Series SM6-AL distance measuring sensors, Series ST4-2P magnetic proximity sensors, Series PE5 and PE7 pressure sensors, and Series AF2 flow sensors. Additionally, an optional T-adapter supports Class B IO-Link solutions.

The G3 stands out as the exclusive fieldbus electronics platform for pneumatic valve systems, incorporating a graphical display for configuration, commissioning, and diagnostics. It enhances performance and reduces maintenance efforts for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users. The G3 IO-Link Master can be easily configured using the G3 web server, offering convenient access to connections and simplifying assembly, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. G3's capabilities empower programmable logic controllers to efficiently control valve operations and manage I/O data from sensors, lights, relays, individual valves, or other I/O devices via various industrial networks.

Additional benefits include compatibility with the full range of G3 valve interfaces, encompassing Series 501, 502, 503 (ISO15407-2), 2035, 2002, 2005, 2012, and 511, 512, 513 (ISO 5599-2). The G3 IO-Link Master supports widely adopted protocols such as EtherNet/IP™ DLR and PROFINET™, with the flexibility to accommodate other protocols upon request.

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