2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition was held 4 days successfully

October 5, 2022

Application of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Metaverse… Present potential for development

- Various experiential events under the theme of ‘Cultural assets for everyone, K-Heritage in the world!’

- Cultural Heritage Job Fair and Local Cultural Heritage Tour… Contribute to vitalization of the job market and local economy

- Show the fusion of cultural assets and advanced technology

- 2023 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition, scheduled to be held at Hikoseo from September 14 (Thu) to 16 (Sat)

The ‘2022 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition’, the largest cultural and museum exhibition in Korea, held from September 15 to 17 at the Gyeongju Hwabaek Convention Center (HICO, hereafter referred to as HICO) successfully wrapped up all schedules.

This exhibition, in which 93 companies participated in 298 exhibition booths, was hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongju-si, and hosted by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage and HIKO.

Despite the impact of the typhoon and the continuation of COVID-19, this exhibition once again proved to be the largest exhibition specializing in cultural properties and museums in Korea, with about4,000 visitors, including domestic and foreign visitors and buyers, for three days.

In this exhibition, the exhibition hall is divided into ▲ Cultural Heritage Industry Hall (cultural heritage preservation, safety/disaster prevention, repair/restoration, buried cultural property, digital heritage, museum) and ▲ Cultural Heritage Utilization Hall (cultural property utilization project, institution/policy promotion, cultural property product brand hall). Organized to enhance professionalism.

Participating companies apply cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, augmented reality(AI), extended reality (XR), and holograms to the cultural heritage industry along with traditional disaster prevention and restoration techniques suggested development potential.

In particular, in line with the exhibition theme of ‘Cultural assets for everyone, K-Heritage in the world!’, we expanded the channels of participation and communication by conducting the opening ceremony online in real time for those who are unable to attend the site due to distance or environment.

In addition, through a variety of experience events, visitors to the exhibition hall were able to enjoy and communicate with our cultural assets in person.

Underwater excavation virtual reality (VR)experience, Hwangnyongsa augmented reality (AR) experience, fan, playing ball making, Korean archery experience, traditional weaving machine experience, cultural heritage glass cup making, beongsudae scent mood lamp and tow making, mother-of-pearl grip talk making and Gyeongju Experience events such as making LED mood lamps were held.

In addition, more than 30 programs were held, including conferences and seminars in which experts from participating companies and institutions introduced trends in the cultural heritage industry and next-generation technologies, as well as programs for the general public.

A HICO official said, “Despite the impact of the typhoon, we are grateful that many visitors from various fields as well as workers in the cultural heritage industry came to visit during the event. It has played a role as the largest business window in the field of value creation and cultural heritage industry,” he said.

He continued, “This year, Laos’ Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, In tabong, also visited Laos, and the number of overseas participation increased, making it an international event in name and reality.”

Meanwhile, the 2023 International Cultural Heritage Industry Exhibition will be held in Haikou for three days from September 14 (Thu) to 16 (Sat) under the theme of ‘a new beginning of our heritage, the future value enjoyed by all’.

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