Birla Carbon Selects Aspen Technology to Unlock Business Value by Capitalizing on Industrial Data Across Enterprise

September 2, 2022

Aspen Technology, Inc., a global leader in industrial software, today announced that Birla Carbon, a leading sustainable manufacturer and supplier of carbon black additives, is scaling its deployment of AspenTech’s software across nine sites globally. Birla Carbon operations extend across 12 countries, on five continents, with 16 manufacturing facilities, for a combined annual production capability of over two million tons. By capitalizing on industrial data with AspenTech’s AIoT solutions, the company can accelerate enterprise visibility via an integrated approach to manage Industrial AI applications and further reduce complexity, lower total cost of ownership, and empower employees by providing access to the right technology tool for optimal productivity.

Santosh Panday, AGM – Manufacturing IT, Digital & OT, Birla Carbon, said: “As an existing user of AspenTech’s AI solutions, Birla Carbon has decided to scale and achieve greater enterprise visibility across nine manufacturing sites with additional solutions, including Aspen InfoPlus.21® and aspenONE® Process Explorer™. This mission-critical integrated approach is in line with the company’s vision to balance process, product, and people. With a more extensive rollout of the necessary work tools planned, Birla Carbon’s employees are now in a better position to achieve safety, efficiency, and sustainability goals.”

Lawrence Ng, Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan, Aspen Technology, added: “AspenTech is pleased to partner with Birla Carbon on its digitalization journey. Birla Carbon plans to achieve enterprise-wide visibility by scaling the utilization of our solutions. Adopting the right technology positions companies to be resilient, productive, and agile leaders of their industries tomorrow. This is made possible by increased profitability and greater sustainability in operations.”

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